The Co-Evolution of Culture and Tech - Featured

Jessica Brown on the Co-Evolution of Culture and Tech

Jessica Brown is one of Gravity Speakers exclusive speakers with a passion for blending technology with design to create great experiences for people. She is the director of UX at VICE Media where she gets to put her passion to the test with VICE’s expansive collection of brands across the globe. She is intrigued by using technology to deliver value to both the user and the brand. Hardware and software are changing social norms, and Jessica is passionate about bridging the gap and shaping the future.

The Marriage of Content and Visuals - Featured

The Marriage of Content and Visuals with Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick, co-author of The Art of Social Media and social media pioneer, brings a ton of know-how and experience to the digital marketplace. We are pleased to have her as an exclusive speaker with Gravity Speakers. Peg is known not only for her work with major brands like Google, Virgin, Audi, and Motorola, but also for the multitude of content she actively creates to help businesses brand themselves online.

Creating Empathetic Organizational Leadership - Featured

Heidi Connal and Creating Empathetic Organizational Leadership

We are very proud to have Heidi Connal with Vast Sky Leadership as a Gravity Speakers exclusive speaker. Her contribution to organizational leadership and development working with major organizations like Salesforce, Bank of America, American Express, and even the United Nations is well regarded. As an executive coach, she understands well-developed leadership can create massive influence on company culture and outcomes. Her ability to humanize leadership for organizational health fills a huge need in the business world today as more demands are placed on executives and employees.