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Tags: Gravity's Exclusives / LGBTQ+ / Activism / College & University / Diversity & Inclusion / Investing & Venture Capital / Entrepreneurship / Startup / Health & Wellness / Motivational / Social Change & Issues / Technology


Andrea Barrica is the CEO and Co-founder of, a judgment-free media platform to learn about sexuality and pleasure. As a queer woman of color, she’s been fighting to bring more humanity to the tech industry, and her mission is to create the world’s most trusted sexual wellness brand to help people increase their sexual health, power, and confidence. Previously, Andrea co-founded the leading financial solution for growing startups,, which now employs 150+ employees globally. She also served as a venture partner at 500 Startups, a global venture capital fund, where she worked with hundreds of startup companies.

Andrea was raised in a religious, conservative Filipino family that only taught abstinence and she only had fear-based sex education in public schools. Seeking support and information, Barrica could not find reliable resources and experienced harassment online. Determined that no one else should have to struggle like she did, Barrica launched in 2017 to change the way people learn about sexuality.

Andrea is the author of “Sextech Revolution: the Future of Sexual Wellness“, and has been published in the NYTimes, SELF,, and recognized on Fast Companies Queer 50 inaugural list.


Why SexTech Is The Next Multi-Billion Dollar Frontier

This talk covers demographic trends, current market spending, and an insider analysis of what’s coming for the sexual wellness industry.

This talk is best geared toward the technology industry, investors, and business audiences.

How Women Are Rebuilding A Man-Made Internet

The Importance of Safety & Moderation In Community Spaces Designed For Non-White Men

Women make up the majority of active social media users. What many don’t consider is that these platforms were made by men, causing all major online spaces to cater to the male user. These platforms are typically public, subjecting women to bullying, trolling and harassment––83% of young women report this as a problem in their lives. As a result, women are combatting a sexist internet by moving behind “closed doors” and building new platforms away from the public crowd. They’re participating in closed discussion groups tailored for them, finstas (fake instagrams), and 1:1/group private messaging. This panel will discuss the emergence of female-focused platforms and how spaces that prioritize women’s needs (safety, authenticity, and empathy) will disrupt the Internet entirely.

The Sex Ed We All Deserve

This talk begins with an interactive audience activity about “What was your sex ed experience like?”, a presentation about the history of the state of sex education, the history of the clitoris complete with an anatomy lesson and demonstration of 3D-printed clitoris, and ends with an anonymous Q&A session where Andrea addresses questions from the audience live.

This talk is geared toward college-aged audiences.

Unlocking Sexual Power

Andrea shares personal experiences from her life growing up Filipino Catholic and the lack of sex education she received, as well as harmful messages about sexuality, and the deep transformation she experienced when she unlocked her sexuality that propelled her career, relationships, and personal power.  

This talk is geared toward women of ages 18 to 40 years.

Startup Tips from a Serial Founder

From growing sales teams for business-to-business accounting software startup to building innovative consumer brands for sexual wellness, Andrea shares personal experiences and valuable learnings that founders can find helpful in their own journeys, especially storytelling for leadership, recruiting, sales psychology, startup “pivot pyramid”, and models for customer development.

Raising Money For Big Vision Startups

The odds are stacked against women of color founders, and the odds are stacked even higher building a company in sexual wellness, one of the last multi-billion markets to be disrupted. Andrea shares her journey overcoming these odds and raising money for from some of the best investors in the Silicon Valley. Formerly a global pitch coach, Andrea has coached hundreds of founders on raising more than $60M and especially loves helping underrepresented founders navigate venture capital. This talk involves understanding investor mindsets and organizations, process rules (and how to break them), and actionable strategies to raise money.

Other Topics include…

  • What Comes After #MeToo?
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Technology: How to Thrive as a Women of Color in Tech
  • Breaking Into Tech (for people wanting to work in tech)
  • Founding Responsible Inclusive Technology Startups (for founders)





  • “Fresh and engaging, Andrea brought a much appreciated perspective to our Summit and impressed all of us tremendously.” Jenna Wojdacz Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio
  • “We approached Gravity because we wanted to hire Andrea. We were very satisfied with her presentation and her eagerness to make sure she was addressing our interests. She also ensured that the delivery of the presentation via the virtual platform was flawless, and I appreciate that she take multiple precautions to prevent tech issues. Our members were very happy with her presentation.” Genevieve Martinez-Garcia Healthy Teen Network

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