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California, USA

Tags: Mental Health / Work Life Balance / College & University / Diversity & Inclusion / Startup / Health & Wellness / Innovation / Leadership / Social Change & Issues / Technology


Andrew Dunn is on a mission to elevate the human condition by intentionally shaping technology to serve as an agent of flourishing individuals, institutions, and societies. As CEO of Siempo, he helps people build healthier relationships with technology through the first smartphone interface designed to support mental health and wellbeing.

In 2018 Andrew accidentally started three communities: Digital Wellness Warriors for professionals in the burgeoning industry, Conscious Angels to connect visionary investors with transformative people and projects, and Wharton Wisdom to bring together alumni interested in personal growth and integrating that with their work in the world.

He is also passionate about ethical business, emergent innovation, and supporting ecosystems that are cultivating the next generation of changemakers and businesses that align with the best interests of people and the planet. This includes advising a startup called Mindhood that is bringing mindfulness and mental health interventions to college campuses.  

Andrew studied Operations and Information Management at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and was previously one of the first employees at Flexport.


Building Healthier Relationship with Technology: How to Fight Smartphone and Social Media Addiction

That thing getting in the way of nearly every aspect of our lives – what can do about it? As a millennial who came of age amidst the proliferation of smartphones and social media apps, Andrew has made it his personal mission to help people build healthier relationship with technology.

A wake up call gradually led to prototyping solutions to digital dependency and leading a team at the center of the movement to design apps that are more intentional, less distracting, and support our mental health and wellbeing, Andrew draws on personal experience and industry expertise as CEO of Siempo to offer a comprehensive analysis of how we got here and how we can do to balance the power of these tools with how they can enrich our lives.

This talk is geared toward high school and college students, corporate teams, and tech industry events.

Conscious Leadership: How to Create More Ethical, inclusive and innovative Organizations

Is it enough to simply be “mission-driven” amidst current trends in climate, civic discourse and mental health? How is our way of being and working influencing stakeholders, and how can we better show up for efforts we have chosen to work in service of?

As Andrew has become more acutely aware of how the product and organization he builds will be an expression of who he is and what he values–including all his fears and biases–he has gained some wisdom on how to balance creating with integrity and the realities of the current economic systems we operate in. Andrew will share stories of bold risks and experimental strategies to orient your work towards the success that really matters.

This talk is geared toward business school students, corporate teams, and tech industry events.

Additional topics include…

  • Cultivating Work-Life Balance: How to Complement the Doing with the Being
  • Startup Resilience: Riding the Roller Coaster