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Carrie Kerpen is the co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, a digital agency that was named Crain’s sixth Best Place to Work in NYC. She is the author of WORK IT: Secrets for Success from the Boldest Women in Business and a columnist for INC and Forbes. Carrie has been featured in the New York Times, ABC World News Tonight, FOX News, and CNBC. She has keynoted conferences in London, Las Vegas, Mexico City, and New York, among others.  


Work It: The Secret for Success for Women in Business Today

When Carrie Kerpen co-founded Likeable Media in 2007, the social media agency was one of the first of its kind. Six years later, when she stepped up to become CEO, times had changed. The market was crowded, the competition was fierce, and she couldn’t help but compare herself to the heads of other agencies, all of whom were pretty much the same: Loud. Extroverted. Male. In order to reinvent her company to keep up with the changing times and come out on top, Carrie had only one choice: She had to work it.

What is working it? Working it is about understanding who you are, what you want, and what you bring to the table. Working it means refusing to compare yourself to others and instead focusing on your own unique super-powers. Most important, working it is the key to unlocking the biggest secret for achieving success: There is no one right way. There is only your way.

This dynamic, inspiring keynote will help your audience understand the power of working it in their daily lives. With her signature candor and enthusiasm, Carrie delivers stories from women who have paved the way in business and shares insights from her own life.

Key lessons from this keynote include:
How to use your gut to make smarter decisions, faster;
How to tap into your network to help you avoid blind spots;
How to make your weaknesses work for you, not against you.

We’re told to “lean in” or be a “#girlboss.” We devour articles, books, and fortune cookies looking for answers, desperate for a tool that will unlock our potential and help us “have it all.” But the truth is that there’s no single tool, and “having it all” doesn’t mean the same thing to every woman. There’s no one right way to achieve success. There’s only your way.

In this hands-on workshop, attendees will build their own toolset for achieving their specific goals in work, leadership, and life. They’ll learn how to better listen to their gut, create valuable connections with anyone in the world, and define and leverage their personal brand.

Attendees will walk away with:
A go-to guide for effective decision-making based on instinct and intellect;
A GPS system for navigating their way to networking success;
A personal board of advisors to turn to for guidance and support.

Parenting in a Digital Age

Do you worry about what your pre-teen is doing online? Are you dreading the day that your young child starts using a mobile device? Are you concerned about protecting the privacy of your kids on the internet? Are you unsure about how to talk to your kids about all of this?

Today, both raising a family and running a business require thorough knowledge of modern communication tools. Get motivated to manage your family’s interactions in the digital space.

In a refreshingly candid keynote talk, Carrie Kerpen, renowned expert on social media and the impact that it has on families, takes you through a discussion of the ins and outs of “parenting in a digital age.” You’ll receive actionable tips on privacy settings, digital family contracts, and how to engage with your kids in a way that makes them feel empowered and also safe.

Key takeaways from this talk include:
Why you need to actively experiment with new social networks;
How creating a “family contract” encourages honest communication;
The tools you can use to keep an eye on your kid’s online activity.

As the co-founder and CEO of Likeable Media, Carrie Kerpen has been confidently telling brands how to use social media for years. But when her pre-teen daughter started using these same digital tools? Cue the anxiety.  
In this workshop, Carrie, an expert on social media and the impact that it has on families, takes the audience through an exploration of the ins and outs of “parenting in a digital age.” Parents will learn the “why” of social media through an interactive use of Snapchat during the workshop, while also receiving actionable tips on privacy settings, digital family contracts, and how to engage with kids in a way that makes them feel empowered and safe.

Pay Attention: The New Social Metric That Matters

We’ve come a long way since the AOL Instant Messenger days. In the two decades following the advent of social media, various platforms have come and gone, the content we create and share has evolved, and the way brands and marketers measure results has drastically changed.

In this provocative talk, Carrie explores how social media has been used and measured throughout time. Audience members will discover why brands need to focus on the new metric of “attention” and how today’s leading brands are becoming less focused on the old way of approaching social media—and are now pioneering world-class content that works.

Key lessons from this talk include:
Why fans and engagement don’t matter (and attention and reaction do)
How brands can make their social media interruption an intermission

Social media has changed a lot in the past two decades. (Goodbye, AIM and Yahoo Messenger. Hello, Snapchat and Just as the platforms themselves have evolved over the years, so too have the content we share and the ways in which we measure results.

In this interactive workshop session, your audience will learn why measuring fans and engagement no longer matters—and why it’s all about attention now. Carrie will take a live look at brand pages, demonstrating how marketers can effectively measure attention, create world-class content that works, and achieve success in social media marketing today.





  • "Carrie transformed our group from fearful parents to engaged ones in a single session. Her presentation was hands on and groundbreaking– addressing a topic that is entirely new territory for families.” Sylvie Schnaier Director, Global Partnerships, Johnson & Johnson
  • "Carrie has a unique and genuine way of infusing her infectious energy and enthusiasm with her deep expertise in Social Media. Carrie is well known in the entrepreneurial community and every single one of our attendees were excited to meet her, which certainly helped us to attract attendees. Carrie was the **superstar** of our conference, and we could not have been more pleased with the crowd’s reaction to her keynote. On top of all of this, Carrie is simply a wonderful person – caring, kind, considerate. All in all, Carrie is the perfect choice as a speaker, if you are looking to kick up your event’s energy while relaying deep expertise in social media strategy, marketing, tools and resources." Adrienne Garland Founder SheLeads (formerly womancon)
  • "There are many reasons why you want Carrie Kerpen as a speaker. Her undeniable expertise, thought leadership, passionate storytelling, and genuine openness to name a few. The first time I spoke with Carrie I was moved by her candidness. Her willingness to collaborate and make an impact is energizing and exciting. Carrie manages to deliver the same one-on-one authenticity to a packed conference room. That honesty builds trust with the audience and paves the way for dynamic conversations. Big thanks to Carrie for bringing her infectious enthusiasm to the stage and delivering practical advice that gets results." Nicole D’Alonzo VP of Operations, Social Fresh Conference
  • "I saw Carrie motivate a group of aspiring entrepreneurs when she spoke at Baruch College—her expertise is undeniable and her passion and enthusiasm when speaking is invigorating. The honesty she manifests when sharing her own personal experience not only makes her a great storyteller but the insights she shares with her audience create a natural mutual affinity. How fun to get to know such an authentic person as Carrie Kerpen—I am proud to call her a friend since that day." Jeanne Sullivan Co-Founder, StarVest Partners
  • "Carrie Kerpen’s presentation at the Strategic Planning Innovation Summit opened my eyes to what a REAL social strategy focuses on: listening. I took many of the perspectives and concepts Carrie shared back to my team, and these have helped as we are launching our new communications hub. Carrie was gracious enough to have a follow-up conversation with my broader team which served to validate our strategic direction and spot areas of future opportunity." Brett Lutz Director of Global Communications and Change Management, Whirlpool Corporation