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Tags: Business / Activism / Work Life Balance / Emcees & Moderators / Innovation / International / Leadership / Motivational / Social Change & Issues


He is the founder of Upping Your Elvis, helping businesses become more human, energetic and creative through workshops, talks, and events. Based in the UK, in London and Dorset.

Chris is a master of transformation. His unique energetic approach challenges businesses to embed a dynamic creative culture within their company ethos.

Brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Unilever, Roche, and WPP come back time and again as his results produce tangible returns on investment. The impact of his work with Unilever was recently featured in the Harvard Business Review.

A talk delivered by Chris is, well, quite simply, like no other, you will have experienced before. Chris’s life mission is people (with a sideline in guitar playing!). This ethos, combined with a wealth of experience in innovation and leadership across the world, means Chris’ talks are memorable, interactive and human.

Through humor, charisma, and expertise, Chris brings out the potential in everybody and people leave not just inspired and energized, but thinking a little differently about the world: Equipped with tangible skills to deliver immediate change to their work and their lives.

TheGuardian recently summed up Chris’s style as ‘a long-haired twinkly eyed cross between Richard Branson and a wizard’, which paints the most accurate picture: A dynamic business change-maker with a magical hippy vibe.

After starting his career in the army, realizing he was a lover rather than a fighter, Chris took a u-turn into brand management before immersing himself into the world of innovation and leadership development.

Chris’s leadership consultancy, Upping Your Elvis, is inspired by musician and philanthropist Bono’s signature question ‘who’s Elvis around here?’ meaning ‘Who’s the maverick around here? Who makes things happen?’ Upping Your Elvis are driven by the belief that everyone has a bit of Elvis inside them, and by unleashing this innate human genius the planet will be a more engaged and fulfilling place for everybody.

Chris has spoken at TEDx, inspirational ideas festival The Do Lectures and the world’s largest leadership event Leadercast, where he also had the honor of interviewing Apples’ co-founder Steve Wozniak live on stage.

With four bestselling books under his belt: How to Have Kick-Ass Ideas, Shine: How to Survive and Thrive at Work, Free: Love your Work, Love your Life, and Wake Up! Escaping a Life on Autopilot, and as the sounder of social enterprise Talk It Out, Chris’s work has featured in media such as The Guardian, The Sunday Times, and Fast Company, and he writes monthly columns for GQ magazine, The Huffington Post, and British Airways’ Business Life magazine.

He lives in Dorset, England, with his family, a sea view, his beloved 35-year-old Land Rover and a selection of paddleboards and guitars.


Webinar: Get Your Energy Right When Working Remotely

Your people are going through a truly challenging time right now, so it’s more important than ever to invest in how they manage their energy and improve their wellbeing. The way we’re working is changing at warp-speed, so our energy is under attack like never before! Without energy, our passions and abilities are lost, yet, when we get our energy right, everything becomes easier, more fun, and we become more successful. 

This interactive webinar helps people to become more aware of their energy, how it affects their ability, and how by getting their energy right, they can achieve more with their unique talents. This webinar is combined with a 5-day program to lock-in a series of simple behaviors that help people to deploy their energy so they can create more impact, embrace change, and flourish.

Up Your Elvis! How To Be A Creative Leader

  • Create the conditions for your organization to be more innovative every day
  • How to make work more human, energetic and yet drive bottom-line results
  • How to enhance your own personal creativity

WAKE UP! Escape a Life On Autopilot

  • How to become a more conscious leader with simple strategies to avoid autopilot
  • Connect more deeply with the people that you work with and those that you love
  • An energetic reboot to make work fun again

Making Everyday Extraordinary

  • Discover the skills to make every day the best day it can be
  • Learn how our habits control us and how to become the master of your mind
  • Find more joy, connection and inspiration at work and in life





  • “So much big talk about transformation... Chris actually delivers it. Time and again. Part art, part gift, part crazy man. He works his magic every time!” Maria Eitel Founder and President of the Nike Foundation
  • “Chris Baréz-Browns’ interactive, energetic and playful style works every time at every level. What he demonstrates is a totally human approach to living our lives, inspiring teams to think differently and creating great impact, who wouldn’t want that?” Derek Kent Chief Marketing Officer, Canadian Olympic Committee
  • “Chris Baréz-Brown is a modern day prophet. He has a gift…an uncanny ability to inspire change agents in my organization. Everything he touches turns to gold and shines ever so brightly. He is our Elvis.” Keith Wilmot The Coca-Cola Company
  • “Apart from the very insightful content and great techniques I thought the delivery was the best I’ve ever seen – very human and hilarious (and I have high comedy standards ;-))” Olivia Diamond Commercial Programme Manager, Diageo
  • “Chris leads the most amazing, inspiring, and life-changing events. They’ve had a profound impact on my life and on my work. He has the uncanny ability to help individuals and companies change – change for the better, more profitable, more joyful. He is a born-entertainer, a natural, he always know what is needed. Working with him has changed my life.” Jeff Semenchuk Chief Innovation Officer Hyatt Hotels Corporation