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Tags: Business / Mental Health / Communication / Work Life Balance / Healthcare / Productivity / Health & Wellness / Motivational


A seasoned professional with more than 25 years experience of speaking nationally with leading companies, organizations, and associations in Business and Healthcare industries, Connie Merritt, BSN, RN, PHN, is a compelling storyteller and award-winning author with an established reputation of connecting with audiences to help move them to action. A business owner and registered nurse with a passion for research, writing and communicating to professionals, Connie understands people, processes and the dynamic influences of today’s diverse, hi-tech, multi-generational, mobile world.

She has a gift for providing essential content with step-by-step tactical teachings to help people breakthrough to “next” – while motivating them by spinning unforgettable tales.

In her latest book released from McGraw-Hill, Too Busy For Your Own Good, she has helped millions of people and organizations make vital adjustments to manage change and maintain focus in a world demanding multiple decisions and responses to lists of requests – especially during these opportunistic and changing times.

These are her central points in a series of keynotes – tailored specifically to business, healthcare and women industries – that provide practical tools to build and strengthen quality characteristics and skills in:

  • Stress and Success Management
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Communications
  • Time Management
  • Increased Productivity
  • Balanced Living for Greater Accomplishment

Connie has an outstanding reputation and she is retained by leading companies and organizations nationwide every year to speak to thousands upon thousands. Her work and expertise have been featured in USA TODAY, FOX Business, FOX News, CNN, Entrepreneur, as well as national radio and tv throughout America outlets including ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Healthcare Industry: A registered nurse with a passion for research, writing and speaking to healthcare professionals, Connie understands the world of healthcare, the people, processes and dynamic influences at our doorstep, today. She is an established healthcare information agent to leaders – and their teams – as she understands what they are facing as they press forward in this dynamic industry where it is estimated that the sheer volume of knowledge doubles every three years.

Fully vetted by the healthcare industry, she is recognized as a dynamic speaker having “the credentials,” as well as “an insider perspective” – with the all-important “one of us” voices. Her programs draw upon her vast experiences as a registered nurse, trend researcher, author, and business professional.

Business/Consumer Sales/Service Industries: As a business-owner managing teams of professionals and demanding projects, Connie understands first-hand the demands of successfully managing tasks–on-time, on-budget with no surprises – especially in today’s diverse, hi-tech, multi-generational marketplace.

Prior to starting her own business, Connie launched her professional speaking career with CareerTrack, the industry leader in business training. That, along with her background as a registered nurse (with an interest in studying process management)  all works to deliver high-quality teaching to help workers breakthrough to maximize their potential.


Conquering Raiders of the Lost Spark: Your Spark Determines Your Success

Managing Daily Demands, Drama & Deadlines – even in the Midst of Change

Dealing with Difficult People & Sticky Situations in the World of Healthcare and/or Today's Business Professionals

Smart Moves for Managing Who’s Pushing Your Buttons & Challenging Dilemmas

The Future of Healthcare – Rx for Tweeters, Googlers & Kaboomers

Understand the Trends & Master the Changes Rocking Your World– in Our Diverse, Multi-Generational, Hi-Tech, Mobile Workplace Environment

How to Juggle Not Struggle with Multiple Bosses & Priorities: Quitting is Not an Option

Pressing Forward in Challenging Times & Essential Skills for Managing Multiple Demands

The Life-Changing Magic of Debusifying – Get More Done in Less Time with More Energy

Essential Skills for Resetting Your Priorities and Regaining Your Balance in Life

Engaging and Empowering Our Multi-Generational, Diverse, Mobile Workforce

How to Connect, Communicate & Motivate Tweeters, Googlers & Kaboomers

Effective Stress Relief and Grace Under Pressure for Today's Busy Professional

  • How to Maintain Focus, Calm & Professionalism and Reduce Stress in Any Situation
  • Managing Stress in a Fast-Paced World – Vital Solutions from a Critical Care/Trauma Nurse & Recovering Superwoman

Stress Breakthroughs for Today's Busy Woman – Mom, Daughter, Worker, Sister, Friend

How to Manage Stress in All the Roles You Juggle: Confessions of a Critical Care/Trauma Nurse & Recovering Super Woman

The Power of Setting Boundaries & Saying NO: What Every Busy Woman Needs to Know

Essential Skills to Establish Your Boundaries, Gain Greater Focus & Save Your Sanity

The Art, Science Rewards of Letting Go

How to Take Positive Actions in Order to LET GO and Gain More Fulfillment, Freedom & Joy

Connie delivers timely programs for organizations and individuals to learn the best practice skills and strategies to breakthrough and excel in professionally managing tasks and relationships.

Keynote Specialist to:

  • Healthcare Industry (Healthcare Professionals, Nurses, Nurse Leaders, Administrators, C-suite and all aspects of today’s healthcare world)
  • Business Corporations and Associations
  • Women’s Organizations/Associations and Special Interests




  • "She utilizes these understandings to unlock her audiences to maximize their potential" John Baird President & CEO of Morningstar Group

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