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Tags: Business / College & University / Artificial Intelligence / Diversity & Inclusion / Crowdfunding / Blockchain & Web3 / Emcees & Moderators / Entrepreneurship / Startup / Team Building / Innovation / Leadership / Technology


Dawn Dickson is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with over 20 years of experience in technology, marketing and business development. Dawn is the Founder and CEO of PopCom, the company has built an automated retail technology platform for vending machines and kiosks that allows retailers to engage and understand their customers, sell more products, and learn from big data. 

Dawn has received numerous awards and accolades including being recognized on the inaugural Forbes Next 1000 List, listed among INC Magazine’s 100 top Female Founders, and being named the 2020 OBWS Black Entrepreneur of the Year presented by Snapchat. Dawn has been featured in countless media outlets including the cover of Black Enterprise magazine, Fortune, Fast Company, Venture Beat, Huff Post, Essence Magazine, and more. Dawn has an expertise in raising traditional and non-traditional business capital, having raised millions of dollars for her ventures since 2001. In 2019, Dawn is considered to be a pioneer in the equity crowdfunding space as the first female founder globally to raise a secure token offering (STO) of over $1M using equity crowdfunding, her total as of 2021 exceeds $6M from over 10,000 investors globally. 

A recognized leader in entrepreneurship and technology, Dawn was in invited to testify before a Congressional Committee on Small Business in March 2020 in a hearing titled “Building Blocks of Change: The Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Small Businesses”. Dawn is the winner of the 2020 OBWS Entrepreneur of the Year award, a graduate of the 2019 Nasdaq Milestone Maker program, she was honored as one of the National Urban League Young Professionals ‘Heroes in the Movement’, featured as INC Magazine Top 100 Female Founders, featured in Who’s Who in Black Columbus, Who Who’s in Black Atlanta, and honored as one of Legacy Miami’s Top 40 Under 40 Leaders in South Florida. Dawn was awarded a design patent in 2020 for her invention of the PopShop Digital pop-up shop, an innovative new vending machine that leverages facial recognition and machine learning technology to capture customer data and insights.

Dawn is a seasoned professional speaker, business advisor, and angel investor. She continues to be recognized as one of the nation’s top retail tech entrepreneurs.


Create a Resilient business from Inception to Expansion

Dawn discusses how founders and CEOs can withstand economic downturns while maintaining ownership and generating individual financial prosperity. She gives actionable steps to building a successful business that gives you financial freedom and creates generational wealth without sacrificing control of your vision to get the funding you need.

The Bi-Continental Career and Lifestyle

Dawn discusses living and working between the United States and Ghana and how to take the steps to expand your business and life globally.

Female Entrepreneur: When Being Underrepresented is an Advantage

Dawn discusses her 20+-year journey as a woman in technology and ways for other women to leverage their unique skill sets to design the life and business they have always desired. Topics include lifestyle design, the importance of self-care, quieting the noise in your life, finding your ‘why’ and staying true to yourself.

Blockchain, Crypto, Web3 and NFTs...oh my!

Dawn was an early adopter and advocate for the use of blockchain technology in business. She started as a crypto investor which led her to learn how to leverage blockchain technology to raise capital. In 2019 Dawn became the first female founder to raise over $1M using a security token offering (STO); she discusses how PopCom leverages blockchain for identity management and the use case of selling regulated retail products; Dawn is also a pioneer in the NFT space, incorporating in real life experiences with digital NFTs. PopCom was the first company to sell physical art that can be minted on the blockchain as an NFT from a vending machine in 2022. Flat Out of Heels did a successful NFT drop for the 10-year anniversary. In 2020 Dawn was invited to testify before Congress about how Dawn discusses how you can find innovative ways to leverage Web3 technology for your business.

Perfecting Your Pitch

Dawn has won thousands of dollars and secured over $1.5 million in investments from pitch competitions, venture capitalists, and angel investors. In this workshop or keynote, Dawn takes you step-by-step with key tips, vocabulary, and techniques on how to create the perfect pitch to attract customers and investors. Takeaways will be an editable investor deck template and a vocabulary list.

The Future of Retail is Omnichannel

In this keynote, Dawn discusses the automated retail technology industry and how vending and kiosks are the future of omnichannel retail. Topics include: how kiosks and vending machines are innovating retail, why omnichannel distribution is important, how small and medium-size companies can compete with Amazon through maximizing omnichannel distribution.

Non-Traditional Ways of Raising Capital

In this keynote or workshop, Dawn takes you through the various ways to secure capital for your business outside of the traditional venture capital or bank route. This talk focuses on the JOBS Act and SEC Title III Regulation CF and Regulation D rules around raising capital.



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