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Tags: Overcoming Adversity / College & University / Team Building / Health & Wellness / Leadership / Motivational


Based in Los Angeles, Jennifer Cassetta is a nationally recognized speaker, empowerment coach and self defense expert. She has worked with tens of thousands of professional women around the country to help them unleash their inner badass. Equipped with her 3rd degree black belt in HapKiDo, Master’s degree in Nutrition, and health coaching certification, she develops programming that helps women feel strong, safe and powerful from the streets to the boardroom. With clients that include: Apple, American Airlines, British Airways, Del Monte, Nike, Uber and UBS, Jennifer has rocked hundreds of stages across the country with her super power combination of engaging content and contagious enthusiasm.

Her skills have been featured on The Today Show, The Doctors, Rachael Ray and she was a featured expert on ABC-TV’s My Diet is Better Than Yours. Her new book, The Art of Badassery: Unleash Your Mojo With Wisdom of the Dojo, is available on Amazon.


The Art Of Badassery: Unleash Your Mojo With Wisdom Of The Dojo

Jennifer uses martial arts as a metaphor to empower (people/women) to unleash their badassery. She walks attendees on a journey from white belt to black belt level, demonstrating that all the power and confidence you need is ready for the taking. Through her six “belt levels”, you will be given the tools to build resilience, block negativity, elevate your energy and unleash your leadership skills. You’ll walk away feeling unapologetically confident and ready to take on any challenge like the badass that you are!

Additional information:

The Art of Badassery is Jennifer’s most popular keynote to date, having delivered it to thousands of professionals at corporations that include: Apple, American Airlines, American Express, British Airways, Hyatt and at MPI’s WEC. 

This keynote is now being published into a book, The Art of Badassery: Unleash Your Mojo With Wisdom of the Dojo, on August 23, 2022. 

The Art of Badassery uses the ancient wisdom of martial arts as a backdrop for leadership principles for modern warriors. Jennifer walks attendees on a journey from white belt to eventually achieving their black belt in badassery. The belt levels include:

White Belt: Embrace the Suck. Life is not one long smooth ride. Things that suck are going to happen (hello pandemic) and the sooner we can accept this as fact, the sooner we can move on. 

Yellow Belt: Bounce Back. Here I will share 3 strategies of how to bounce back after life has knocked you down.

Orange Belt: Block the BS. Learn different blocking styles to shield yourself from negativity. (interactive exercise)

Green Belt: Find Your Roar. Review your three modes of communication: physiology, tonality and vocabulary. (Interactive exercise)

Blue Belt: Elevate your energy. In order to prevent burnout, you must practice radical self care on your journey to black belt.

Black Belt: Take the Lead. Nobody is going to anoint you as a leader of your community. You can start to lead by demonstrating the characteristics of a true leader by taking a stand for others. (interactive exercise)

The Art Of Personal Safety

(keynote or a breakout session)

Whether traveling to an event or commuting to the office, personal safety is top of mind for people these days. Self Defense expert, Jennifer Cassetta, empowers audience members to be in control of their personal safety which leads to reduced anxiety and enhanced confidence. In this session, you will learn the ABC’s of personal safety and have the opportunity to get out of your seat and learn some moves that can help you protect yourself if ever needed.

Embrace The Suck

The Covid-19 pandemic handed us all a free ride on the emotional roller coaster of life. We’ve all had our unique journey with highs and lows. Whether you’ve experienced challenging times before or the recent events of 2020 has been your first major struggle, the Embrace the Suck workshop will help empower you to set a confident state as you move forward into the new year and beyond. Success and empowerment coach, Jennifer Cassetta, will guide you on a journey of honoring your past struggles in order to build your resilience muscles so you can confidently step into 2021 and beyond.

She Warrior Self Defense Aka Self Defense

She Warrior Self Defense is an interactive workshop that empowers women to feel more strong, safe and confident from the streets to the boardroom. You will learn both mental and physical self defense techniques that will help you increase your confidence, avoid danger and protect yourself and your fellow community. 

Participants will kick, punch, knee and elbow their way to safety and learn how to get out of grabs and holds. No prior experience is necessary. This is a mind and body workshop for people to learn the basics of self protection and defense.

The Art of REALTOR Safety

The Art of REALTOR Safety is an interactive program that empowers you to feel more safe and confident from the streets to the open house. Self-defense expert, Jennifer Cassetta, leads an engaging presentation with takeaways that help you avoid danger when possible and defend yourself when necessary. She’ll teach you how to: use a “detective mindset” to tap into your intuition, move through the fear response so you can make calculated decisions, move through homes and meet with strangers with confidence and power and how to use your body as a weapon for self defense.





  • “Jennifer is a powerful and dynamic motivator, speaker and health coach. We are proud to have her an an ambassador for our school and an advocate for holistic health.” JOSHUA ROSENTHAL Founder, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • “Jennifer is a powerful speaker! She brings an emotional element to the presentation by sharing her personal story and it is moving to hear how it has motivated her to work to empower women.” DANYELLE PROANO City National Bank
  • "Jennifer's presentation was both educational and empowering. The 'Art of Badassery' was a highlight of our day and a favorite amongst a diverse group of 150 female Bankers in the room." JESSICA RICHARD UBS
  • “Jenn had me on the edge of my seat, I was captivated by every word she spoke. Her message is both powerful and empowering; how to better position oneself to protect mind, body, heart and soul in order to thrive and live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.” GERARD MCEVOY British Airways
  • “Jennifer gave a powerful personal safety presentation at our NYSAR conference and we loved her style and approach!” PRISCILLA TOTH New York State Association of REALTORS
  • “As a group of people always seeking the “why” behind what we do what we do, we loved hearing the science behind the advice that Jennifer was sharing. Her presentation was interactive, fun, informative, and left us all feeling like we could incorporate some basic improvements in our life for a healthier work/life balance.” DEANNA LEESS TEK Systems
  • "Amazing presentation! Everyone at the CREW event loved The Art of Badassery and left genuinely inspired. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work with Jenn again in the future." SANDI QUIGLEY CREW, West Palm Beach
  • “Jenn, you captivated us the moment you stepped on the stage. I looked around and not a sole was on their cell phones. We sat at attention waiting to learn what the next belt meant until we proudly reached the final BLACK BELT. Thank you for giving us such a dynamic presentation!” CHRIS REESE 2020 President Ohio Realtors
  • "CREW Kansas City hosted our annual membership dinner and Jenn Cassetta presented “The Art of Badassery!” to a room of 70 professional women. Jenn was extremely engaging and interactive with the audience that added an abundance of enthusiasm and joy throughout our event space. Her message resonated with all of us as we are still talking about it. You'll definitely walk away with an overwhelming sense of being a true BADASS!" CHRISTIE MONTAGUE CREW Kansas City
  • “What a truly inspirational speaker! The life experiences you've experienced and spoke about along with your positive thoughts and energy had all of the attendees captivated; so much so that they did not want to leave the course and wanted to hang around to chat more!” KERRI BREHN American Airlines
  • “The Women of Uber NYC were very fortunate to spend an afternoon taking Jennifer’s She Warrior Self Defense class, learning the ABC’s of self defense and how to protect ourselves. I couldn’t think of a better way to empower our women to feel strong, safe and confident from the streets to the boardroom.” SHERYL WEAVER Uber
  • “Jennifer’s knowledge and passion for her work is evident in her presentations. She has the unique ability to both educate and motivate an audience. Her presentation was the highlight of our Realtor Safety Month event.” MARTY MANION CEO, Naples Area Board of REALTORS
  • “Jennifer’s energy, uniqueness and enthusiasm was praised and welcomed by the more than 450 participants at the Bacardi Spirit Forward Summit. She was an integral part of keeping energy levels high for the day.” LAURA MARTINEZ Bacardi Martini, Inc.
  • "Jenn Cassetta did a wonderful job at our Women of Vision Conference, mesmerizing attendees with her Art of Badassery program. It was a fantastic day that our attendees left raving about – kudos to Jenn! Jenn was a delight to work with – we look forward to hosting her again soon!" GARRY MOON Ohio Realtors
  • “Jennifer is empowering, inspiring and motivational! She is truly an expert in the Art of Badassery!” ANA BATTUNG Hyatt Hotel Corporation
  • “Jennifer’s class was a fantastic and empowering experience that left me feeling more confident and aware of my surroundings. Her instructions were clear, concise and engaging, and I highly recommend taking her class or having her teach at a group event!” MARGO GUFFIN Warner Bros. Studios
  • "I've hired Jenn to speak at 4 events now and always so glad I did. She has spoken to the Florida chapter of the Women's Council of Realtors as well as at the Unity School and audience members always leave feeling more empowered. I recommend having Jenn as the keynote speaker for your next event." AMY STARK SNOOK Women's Council of Realtors, Florida
  • “Jennifer was dynamic and engaging speaker, leading our organization through "The Art of Badassery". She shared personal stories and gave participants the opportunity to connect with each other, sharing their own experiences. Her training was empowering and motivating." JILL REPASKY Columbia Sportswear