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Jessica Brown is the Director of UX at VICE Media, where she leads the product design team. Her focus is to showcase VICE’s distinct storytelling through crisp, bold digital experiences on web, mobile, and TV apps. Since joining VICE, she’s managed the design for major initiatives including a network-wide site redesign, brand new VICE mobile apps, VICELAND mobile and TV apps, and a custom CMS.

Previously, she worked at Rent the Runway, where she established UX and research practices to bring users’ stories into the product development process. Before that, she consulted with a variety of startups in the Bay Area—from e-commerce, to enterprise software, to social media—and went on to co-found and raise funding for a fashion/tech startup called Threadflip.

She studied math and computer science at Stanford, and couples her techie sensibilities with a humanist approach to design. She’s fascinated by the co-evolution of culture and technology and remains an optimist.


Executing a Redesign at Scale

Jessica will talk about how she and her team redesigned VICE’s web experiences from the ground up, and how they approached designing core experiences that would work well across 12 distinct brands, distributed in 30 countries. She will talk about how to discover what’s most essential to preserve amid sweeping changes, and how to craft underlying design systems to continue to scale and grow.

Redesigns 101

Jessica will talk about the three main reasons motivating a product redesign. Based on each motivation, she will outline implications and guiding questions to keep the project on track. She will share short case studies from redesign projects at Rent the Runway and VICE, with key takeaways.

“I’m not creative” & Other Myths

Design as a practice has never been more appreciated. However, many people still claim that they are not creative. Jessica will speak to the common philosophies and practices guiding creative people of all disciplines, and help to demystify design and share ways everyone on your team can serve in a creative capacity.

Jessica Brown can customize her topics and content to fit your needs.
Other topics also address Design Leadership, Women in Technology and Leadership, Product-Market Fit, Branding, E-commerce, and Startups.



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