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Joseph is a thought leader in business agility and uses that expertise to motivate his audience to think of breakthrough ideas in their industries. His experience in the Silicon Valley spans multiple domains and industries. From automobiles to healthcare, from real estate to payments, Joseph has experience consulting and working for Fortune 50 companies across corporate America. With an experience spanning over two decades, Joseph has advised companies both during up and downturns.

Strategy and Execution have been the two defining pillars of Joseph’s two decades of industry experience. With executive leadership positions in Silicon Valley companies, Joseph is keenly aware of what it takes to build winning teams and companies.

Integrating startups with legacy corporations, running technology operations for the world’s largest payment processor, building a nationwide franchise organization has given Joseph the breadth and depth required of any executive.

As a passionate student of the theater and communication, Joseph has sought deep skills in the areas of non-verbal communication skills and storytelling. A consummate storyteller and thought leader, Joseph’s speaks to entertain, engage and educate the audience while encouraging them to think completely outside the boxes presented by the industries they come from. To-date Joseph has spoken at over hundred organizations and conferences across the world. He has also spoken at two TEDx conferences and taught strategic agility in major corporations.

Joseph lives with his wife and two boys in the Silicon Valley. While not speaking or preparing for one, Joseph likes to collect plants of the Zamiaceae family, cook for his family and reads “like crazy”.


Outthinking TODAY: Creating Sustainable Business Advantage

Every business, big or small, is focused on today. On the priorities, success criteria, and issues of today. Why wouldn’t they? After all, we are only trained to see what is in front of us. And rightfully so. Customers demand great products and services at a price that beats the competition. Investors want consistent returns or maybe even better returns than last quarter. The inevitable result is an intense focus on priorities that bring immediate business results.

The downside of this intense focus is the inability to see what is coming around the corner. The competition lurking at the peripheries of the business. The new technologies and startups that could make one obsolete or push to the edged. The history of business is abound with examples of companies that have lost sight of tomorrow and as a consequence its very existence.

What is there was a framework that allowed for minding today’s business health while building a robust platform for facing, surviving, and thriving in the uncertainties of tomorrow? Companies that have lasted decades, and even centuries, have figured this framework out. Taking a leaf out of those successful companies, it is possible to put in place an actionable framework, which when adopted and followed, provides for capabilities to sense potential threats and the ability to reorchestrate its resources to face the threat.

This information-rich and entertaining speech is focused on providing tangible and actionable takeaways to the participants.

The Three-Box Solution: Managing the Past, Present and the Future

Driving innovation in an organization is often left in the capable hands of one group – that does only that – all day long. On the other end of the spectrum, innovation is often left to happen for itself – without a clear process, directive, mandate.

Organizations that have constantly reinvented themselves and stayed in the forefront of their businesses have done so using tried and tested methods and processes – which they consistently repeat time and time again. While the process itself is simple enough, the constructs surrounding the implementation and the fanatic adherence to the details define the success of the process and hence the company.

Based on Professor Vijay Govindarajan’s book on the topic, this speech lays down a proven framework that demystifies innovation and offers a repeatable process that any business can implement – big and small.

The real-life case studies and examples provide an in-depth look at the need for managing the present day business, selectively giving up the past, and intensely focusing on creating the future. Every aspect of the framework is deeply rooted in successfully implementing the individual pieces – and thankfully there are only three pieces to this framework.

Building, Leading, and Sustaining the Innovative Organization

Sustained innovation seems normal for some companies, while others hardly innovate at all. Companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Pixar have been consistently innovating for years. What sets these organizations apart from those that have a hard time innovating? What are the key qualities that fuel innovation at all levels of these organizations? What breakthrough ideas do today’s business leaders need to adopt to create an organization that thrives on innovation? And how can these leaders continue to sustain this spirit of innovation while continuing to muddle through politics, technology change, and customer needs? Using case studies and examples, Joseph will motivate the audience to think through the idea of innovative organizations and leave them practical takeaways to build a culture of innovation.

Key outcomes:

  1. Understand the core philosophy behind the innovative organization;
  2. Identify the three tenets of an innovative culture;
  3. Walk away with tangible evidence from companies that have instituted a culture of innovation.

Mastering Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation has been around, practiced and polished through the ages. From the Ford Model T to Autonomous Cars, from mobile calculators to cloud computing disruptive innovation has defined and shaped the industrial landscape for good. Given the rate of change, success of the 21st century organization is clearly and squarely dependent on its disruptive innovation capabilities to continue to exert market dominance over existing and more importantly unknown competition. In this intellectually stimulating talk, Joseph explores the nature of this unknown competition, aka disruptors, and the specific characteristics that make them nimble, aggressive and fearsome all for reasons that are antithetical to conventional wisdom. Joseph also, offers concrete ideas to incumbent companies to handle the onslaught of such disruption and what they can do to effectively evolve and survive disruptors.

Key outcomes:

  1. Understand disruptive Innovation with examples and case studies that are industry and audience-relevant;
  2. Identify three qualities that make disruptors so successful;
  3. Identify three strategies that incumbent companies can adopt to handle disruptors in their domain.

Strategic Agility – Thriving beyond Uncertainty, Risk, and Chaos

Organizations constantly swing between a cycle of success and crisis, frantically trying to gain concrete footing only to lose it again. Expensive interventions and organizational change programs work for a period of time, before proving ineffective in an entirely different type of crisis. From learning to cope with one crisis to the next, the struggle is to constantly figure out the courses of action instead of building the capability for sustained success in-house.

Notable exceptions to this predictable cycle of anxiety at every known level of the organizational spectrum. From companies that have thrived for over a hundred years, to departments and groups that have outperformed their peers to individuals who are able to predict the next crisis and see around the corners – examples of sustained success exists amongst us.

A magic formula that encapsulates the success strategies of these winners would certainly be helpful. However, a precise formula is simply impossible to create, given the staggering differences in the industry, geography, leadership style, and type of uncertainty that could possibly hit any company. What is possible, however, is to build a set of capabilities that will ingrain a framework that will help face any uncertainty and be constantly vigilant for the telltale signs of complacency.

Infusing the Spirit of a Startup into Mature Organizations

The world of startups has always been fascinating. It evokes awe in those who admire the boldness that challenges tradition and dares the impossible. It provokes fear in those who feel threatened by the world-beating, take-no-prisoners attitude. And, it stirs envy in those who are jealous of the freedom and success that their employees seem to enjoy. This is especially true in the many “mature” organizations and businesses that were successful in the past but now find themselves falling behind, and at risk.

Until now, mature companies have believed that they have to resort to drastic measures like sanctioning skunkworks, doing spinoffs, or entertaining acquisitions to capture startup-like benefits. These typically end up being “grafts” that may provide localized benefit but does not change the parent organization intrinsically. With concerted effort, it is possible to revitalize the workforce, introduce agility, transform from within and reenergize the organization to compete in the rapidly evolving marketplace.

In this speech, you will see that the spirit of a startup can be infused into all parts of a mature organization if it is approached as a set of “dynamic capabilities” that can be built systematically.

Creating High-Velocity Organizations

What can companies do to be ever vigilant and not become complacent? How can they continue to drive nonlinear growth? What can CEO’s do to make change and innovation pervasive across the organization and not just at the top of the org chart?

At the core of every successful organization, is an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurially minded individual whose passion to excel drives them to build a world-class organization.

Their intense desire gets the company started and makes it possible for the initial successes, achievements, and awards. They motivate their teams to go beyond titles, time, and responsibilities to simply focus on the task at hand allowing for rapid innovation and incredible success in the company.

With success comes growth. With growth comes expansion. And with expansion, companies get their structure, processes, procedures, budgets, planning cycles, board meetings and the works. This structure fuels the next level of growth and expansion for a short while. In many cases, unfortunately, growth gives way to bureaucracy and politics.

From an innovation-driven founding ideal, companies evolve to become management-centric, hierarchy-driven monoliths that cannot innovate fast enough to sustain the rapid pace of the changing market condition.

Winning companies have proved that it is possible to turn the trend around. A formula that encapsulates the success strategies of these winners would certainly be helpful. It is possible to build a set of capabilities that will help face any uncertainty and be constantly vigilant for the telltale signs of complacency. As long as companies are willing to take control of the situation, inject agility into its DNA, and in the process connect to its roots.

Joseph can customize his speeches on innovation for specific domains and industries.
Some examples are Disruptive Innovation in HealthcareDisruptive Innovation in Finance, or Harnessing the Power of Innovation.



  • “Never knew ‘what is your story’ can hold such a powerful window of opportunity until you see Joseph steer you through the captivating experience. Joseph is the master at this art yet very humble and friendly. Joseph is driven to make a difference through the power of stories. It is an honor to learn from Joseph. One thing I would ask of Joseph is to lead the storyteller cult, form circles and workshops through which members can actively help each other and spread the power of storytelling. I gratefully wish Joseph to surpass all masters in this field as you make them along your way.” Kranthi M. Director, Merchant Integrations, Visa
  • “Storytelling is such an integral part of communication success, and Joseph Prabhakar is a master in the field. My team and I recently had the opportunity to attend his inspiring workshop on Power Communication through Storytelling. Not only did each participant see a transformation in their storytelling messaging, they came away with practical tools and skills to use in both business and life settings. There were people in the group who were very reluctant to step into their leadership capacities, but Joseph’s passion, engaging style and personal directives allowed each and every person to experience significant results in a shortened time frame. For any organization, wanting their team to rise to the next level in authentic client connection and empathetic leadership, working with Joseph is a fast track to positive change.” Randy T Founder, Project Happiness
  • “What the relationship between storytelling and leadership? Joseph’s Authentic Leadership through Storytelling class reveals and illustrated the power of storytelling to inspire and earn the trust of others. As leaders, we tend to tense up, button down, show all of our leadership qualities, in hope to establish our authority, so others will follow or relate. This approach is psychologically faulty, is counter-productive most of the time. It would make others to distant themselves for us while we try to connect or lead. Joseph’s storytelling framework offered us a few of easy-to-follow techniques to share our personal experience as a story in a powerful, make it so easy to connect to the thoughts and feelings of others while being authentic, and to inspire the greatness from the team. The class is different from the typical communication or leadership training you may have taken. learning from the carefully selected examples and practicing iteratively, you can clearly see the immediate improvement of your delivery while you are still in the class. As a personal friend and long-term colleague, I admire Joseph’s determination to pursue his true passion and wish him the best in his endeavor.” Chunhui Z. Director, Visa
  • "Our company hired Joseph Prabhakar last year prior to attending a huge technology conference where we were launching our SaaS Product. He blew us away with his message which helped our team connect with all attendees at the conference with the vision of our product/service. He is one of the most memorable speaker, presenter I have seen to date (and yes I have seen a lot). I was also fortunate to attend one of his recent workshop “The Science and Art of Storytelling” and I must admit that his incredible energy and captivating personality engaged every single participant to become a part of the program. Overall, participants in Joseph’s sessions walk away not just pumped, but with tools and tips to go forth and success. His real life examples were simply captivating, showing how ordinary people are out there accomplishing extraordinary things. Applying his concepts just made it all come together and I am having my best year ever in my career! I would extend my highest recommendation to Joseph Prabhakar… Every salesperson in any company needs to hear his presentation “The Art and Science of Storytelling”" Janaki K. Director, Strategic Partnerships at Stratitude, Inc.