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Tags: Business / Future of Work / FinTech / Artificial Intelligence / Healthcare / Investing & Venture Capital / Blockchain & Web3 / Entrepreneurship / Future Trends / Startup / Innovation / Leadership / Motivational / Technology


A world-renowned expert in business growth, disruptive technology and innovation, Keith Herman implements story-based leadership to share his experiences on success through communication, attitude, team building and empowerment.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

“With an open mind, your audience will learn more than facts, figures and tactics. They will absorb valuable insights and energy from a lifelong student and experienced leader leaving inspired & empowered!”

Mr. Herman, founder of IPA Equities, is a serial entrepreneur and advocate for disruptive and innovative blockchain technologies. He has owned and created more than 50 businesses in 6 different industries primarily in the fields of technology, finance, media and real estate. During the course of his business ventures notable partnerships have included Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Chase, National Life Group, Private Venture & Equity Funds, and Family Offices. Additionally, he has architected, incubated and successfully scaled more than 10 startups.

Over the course of his illustrious career he has raised over $500 Million for his ventures and represented more than 200 technology companies. Cumulatively, they raised hundreds of millions of dollars and forged countless strategic partnerships with funding sources and major global corporations, both public and private. In aggregate, he has been involved in over $2 Billion of transactions.

With a unique ability to create strategic partnerships for strategic advantage and to attract capital for scaling businesses, he utilizes debt and equity to leverage capital to consistently produce returns far in excess of industry standards. He also has years of leadership experience acquiring, managing and leading top talent.

Mr. Herman is highly sought after internationally to speak on the topics of Leadership, Business Growth, Disruptive Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrency, Investing, Raising Capital, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Startups. He presents to various audiences including fortune 100 & 500 companies, prominent Founders, C-Level Executives, VC & PE Firms, Family Offices, Developers & Professionals. He also regularly sits as a judge for tech startup pitch competitions alongside VCs, PE Firms and Tech Development Firms.

Mr. Herman engages with forward thinking technology companies interested in changing people’s lives and facilitating positive change in the world. He is available for select business engagements, as an advisor, worldwide speaking engagements and as a startup judge.


How I Turned a Shoebox into $12 Million!

What could possibly become of a shoebox full of trash?

It’s all about perspective! Keith shares an all too familiar story of the obstacles, challenges and misfortune of a young newlywed entrepreneur whose dreams were about to be dashed and left on the street penniless.

This incredible tale is filled with determination, exhaustion, pain, anger, deceit, kindness, misfortune, humor, knowledge, despair, timing, and… a $12 Million happy ending!

The audience will leave with:

  • Hope, inspiration, and motivation to achieve their dreams
  • A plan to develop a roadmap to success
  • The key to unlocking the gateway to success

This is truly a show stopper!

Format: 45 – 60 minute keynote
This program is perfect for: Any audience

BLOCKCHAIN: The Genesis, Implications and The Future Thru Mass Adoption

Keith delivers a riveting and eye-opening presentation in simple tongue illuminating the history, basic principles, intended uses, applications and what the future will look like with the mass adoption of this technology.

The audience will leave with:

  • A substantive understanding of blockchain technologies
  • An appreciation for this cutting-edge technology
  • The importance of embracing these technologies and suggestions on how to get involved.

This thought-provoking presentation leaves audience members with even more questions than when they arrived but with the infectious desire to learn more.

Format: ​45 – 60minute keynote
This program is perfect for: Any audience

Thought Leadership: The Holy Grail!

In today’s environment value is not determined solely upon net income. Learn how to dramatically increase the value of your business through thought leadership. 

The audience will leave with: 

  • An understanding of why thought leadership is so important
  • How to capitalize on being a thought leader
  • How to become a thought leader
  • Take your business to the next level to increase recognition and value!

Format: 45 -60minute keynote
This program is perfect for: ​Business Owners, Senior Executives, Senior Employees

The Renaissance of Leadership

As Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”  In a time with the most prominent leaders displaying less than model behaviour, it is the youthful generations that are leading the paradigm shift to redefine leadership based upon wisdom of the past to realize the best of times.  

The audience will leave with:

  • ​An awareness of the paradigm shift in leadership
  • A fresh new outlook on what is possible
  • Inspiration and empowerment to create and perform to their highest potential
  • A desire to cooperate and collaborate to achieve greatness

This program is best summed up in the words of an audience member. “This could not be any timelier, we need more of this!”    

Format: 45 – 60minute keynote
This program is perfect for: C-level executives, Leaders, Management, Employees

Healthcare Redefined: How AI, Disruptive Technologies are Transforming the Industry

An educational, inspirational, empowering speech on the prevailing transformation of the healthcare industry! Healthcare has been at the forefront of discussion for the past two decades as the world’s population swells and its antiquated infrastructure continues to wither. Keith sheds light on the challenges facing healthcare and how disruptive technologies are beginning to revolutionize the industry.

This speech addresses:

  • The current state of the healthcare industry 
  • Pain points within healthcare
  • The need for change
  • Technologies available to affect change
  • How these technologies are being tapped to affect change
  • The future of healthcare

The audience will leave with:

  • ​An overview of the transformation in healthcare
  • The need for new models
  • How those models are being developed
  • The technologies being developed to create efficiencies, security and affect change
  • How to get to involved in the transformation

“Finally! A much needed and long overdue overhaul is underway!”  

Format: ​45 – 60minute keynote

Exponential Business Growth: The Fast Track to Grow Your Business

Keith dispels traditional thinking and methodologies to expose the fastest method to exponential growth. As businesses seek to hire employees and work to integrate them one at a time precious time is lost in the process. Learn how to better utilize the time to more efficiently grow your business.   

The audience will leave with: 

  • A clear picture of how to achieve their goals faster
  • A better understanding of where efforts need to be focused
  • The steps needed to accomplish faster growth 
  • The process to scale the ladder to success. 

Format: 45 -60minute keynote
This program is perfect for: Business Owners, Senior Executives, Senior Employees, Management Teams Seeking a Competitive Advantage

How to Raise Debt & Equity

Whether a start-up, existing business, capital provider, or lender, everyone agrees… capital is king! This is an opportunity to learn what is needed to raise capital, how to find capital sources, understanding how to approach capital sources and present your venture, counterparty needs and bridging the gap as well as determining the best match.     

The audience will leave with:

  • The process of how to raise capital from a plethora of sources
  • Counterparty needs and bridging the gap
  • The psychology behind the acquisition of debt or equity
  • Understanding the benefit of smart money  

Always a crowd pleaser, as the audience is presented with subtleties and counter intuitiveness that challenge conventional thinking yet time and time yield substantive and meaningful results.

Format: 45 – 60minute keynote
This program is perfect for: ​Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity Firms, Institutional Firms, Family Offices, Funds of Funds, Investment Funds, Sponsors, Syndicators, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Lenders, Anyone interested in raising debt or equity.

Humanity in These Days: A Glimpse at The Trending Transformation of Humanity

An educational, inspirational, empowering speech on the prevailing transformation of humanity! 

This speech addresses:

  • The dismal state of current world affairs
  • How we arrived at such a low point?
  • The paradigm-shift presently underway
  • The leaders of this transformation
  • A fresh outlook for the present and future
  • The well-founded reasons for a bright future

The audience will leave with:

  • A clear path to the future of humanity
  • A sense of hope and well being
  • Reason to get involved in the movement now
  • How to get involved, and
  • The tools and instructions to stay in the flow

“With all the global political and economic uncertainty, there is no better time to join the movement of transformation! If not for everyone, at least for your own calm and well-being.”   

Format: ​45 – 60minute keynote

High Level Networking for Strategic Partnerships & Capital

According to Porter Gail, VP at Virgin America, “Your Network is Your Net Worth” Networking is truly an art and Keith shares his unique approach to networking and how he was able to leverage his network to create strategic partnerships with notable firms such as Chase, Citibank, and National Life to raise more than a half-billion  dollars and generate millions of dollars of profits. 

The audience will leave with:

  • A fresh outlook on networking
  • The skills to network with the “creme de la creme”
  • The process to garner strategic partnerships and capital

Format: ​45 – 60minute keynote
This program is perfect for: Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms, Family, Offices, C-level executives, Leaders, Fund raisers, Professionals

BLOCKCHAIN: Work Force Disruption Ahead!

Keith illuminates with the sobering reality on the future of work forces through disruptive and innovative blockchain technologies currently in play. Audience members will be transfixed yet compelled to remain attentive to garner the knowledge necessary to preserve their livelihoods.       

The audience will leave with: 

  • A sense of urgency
  • An awareness and desire to accept and embrace change
  • Team members will be unified and motivated to work collectively and collaboratively ​

Format: ​45 – 60minute keynote
This program is perfect for: Senior Executives, Senior Employees, Management, Teams Seeking a Competitive Advantage

Disruptive Blockchain Technology: Identity Management and Verification

An overview of the transformative future of Identity Management and Verification utilizing Blockchain Technology. Current models have left individuals helpless to identity theft as they have turned their identities over to governments, institutions, healthcare providers and more. Blockchain technologies are transforming this process as we know it and restoring identities to the public with security where they belong.  

The audience will leave with:

  • A clear vision of the paradigm shift in Identity Mgmt. & Verification
  • The mindset necessary to succeed
  • An understanding of how to best prepare for the transition to meet future business demands
  • Ideas on how to incorporate new technologies into their existing business model  

Audience members are always astounded at how drastically identity management and verification is already changing and how empowering it will be for future generations. They leave inspired and excited at the prospect of remaining relevant and at the cutting edge of their industry through new technologies.  

Format: ​45 – 60minute keynote
his program is perfect for: Lawyers, Accountants, Business professionals​, Financial service providers, Healthcare professionals and service providers

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Digital Currency Law

Keith breaks down blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies for the legal community in layman’s terms. He explains the differences, relationships, legal applications, legal entities, current legal climate and how-to best work with technology companies to help them achieve their goals with fund raising and growing their ventures. 

The audience will leave with:

  • The knowledge of what is, and what is not, regulated
  • ​An understanding of tokenomics
  • Clarity on ICO vs. ECO vs. ETO vs. IPO
  • The benefits and detriments of various financial instruments
  • A framework for how to properly get involved with digital currencies

This program demystifies the legal climate surrounding digital currencies and is a must for anyone looking to assist clients or invest in these assets.  

Format: ​45 – 60minute keynote
This program is perfect for: ​Lawyers, Law students, Legal community, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Capital seekers, Capital providers, Technology marketing & PR firms

How Blockchain is Strengthening Partnerships and Providing a Strategic Advantage

Learn how blockchain technologies are being utilized to create greater supply chain efficiencies, more secure transactions, mitigate risks and unify workforces. 

The audience will leave with:

  • Knowledge to improve processes​
  • A framework to mitigate risk
  • Confidence in accountability
  • A unified and more efficient workforce   

This program is a must for anyone associated with the supply chain. 

Format: ​45 – 60minute keynote
This program is perfect for: Executives​, Management, Employees, Product manufacturers, Commodity producers, Supply chain vendor & service providers





  • "Bottom line ... improved performance and results is why we have him speak." Rocco Pirrotta Senior Vice President, Citibank
  • "Never a dull moment ... insightful, entertaining and inspiring!" Steve Wood Vice President, National Life Group
  • “Keith is one of the best!” Sydney Armani Founder, FintechWorld 2020
  • “I'd be happy to have Keith come back and speak again at any of our events going forward and we appreciate his contribution here today.” Richard Wilson Founder of The Family Office Club
  • "Thanks for speaking to our accredited investors, VCs, PE firms, angels, and strategic investors, perfect!" Zahava Stroud Producer, iHollywood Forum
  • “Due to the impact you and your insights have on the industry, you attracted a large and diverse crowd of blockchain enthusiasts on all levels...we can't wait for more." Danielle Lybrand Senior Event Manager, Blockchain World Conference
  • "We cannot thank you enough! Your experience and insight are invaluable to our participants and we are forever grateful for your continued support!" Julia Smila Event Director, Startup Network