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Kimberly Lewis is the co-founder of CurlMix, a clean beauty brand for curly hair. Her innovative take on clean beauty hair products has won her praise from top industry publications such as Refinery29, Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, and ABC TV. Kimberly can also be seen on Season 10 of Shark Tank, a critically acclaimed and multi-Emmy Award-winning reality show. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics & Marketing from the University of Illinois and a relentless drive, Kim has taken CurlMix to over a million in sales in just one year.

Kim started her journey into entrepreneurship after quitting her first job with no savings and no job lined up. She had the bright idea of signing her husband up for “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” because what better way to make money than game show trivia? He went on to win $100,000 and invested it in their first business. After their first failed startup of a niche social network, Kim vowed to succeed at her next venture. She and her husband, Tim, launched CurlMix in 2015 which started as a Do-It-Yourself box – think Blue Apron for curly hair.

In 2018, after two years of stagnation, Kim sought advisors and pivoted CurlMix. With a newborn on her hip and a small investment, they turned their best-selling boxes into a hair care line. Now, Kim operates a manufacturing facility in Chicago and maintains a full-time staff, employing people of color from her community while enjoying her growing family.


Zero to One Million, How to Scale your Startup in One Year

This is a staring contest and whoever blinks first, loses. This is a game where you can will yourself to win, with grit, relentless effort, and a team of people who believe in your vision.

In this talk, Kimberly discusses the secrets to her success:

  • Grit – Just keep going, have belief when there is none
  • Unwavering Confidence – “I am exceptional!”
  • Love for People – Building a business that serves people

How to Create a Place Where People Love to Work

A happy team equals a realized dream. Kimberly learned to measure her businesses effectiveness by how happy her team and customers are. If your team is happy, you are happy – so what can do you achieve both?

You will learn how to….

  • Put yourself in your employee’s shoes and make decisions for them based on empathy and understanding – not bottom lines and KPIs.
  • Help employees find meaning in their work
  • Know their dreams and aspirations and why they want to work for you

How to Start Your Own Beauty Brand - Beauty is not in a Bottle

Everyone is building a brand – learn how to differentiate yourself to stand out.

Motherhood is a Strength and not a Weakness

Kimberly Lewis was able to grow her company to $1 Million in revenue in one year with a newborn, during a business pivot. Having a baby didn’t mean she was distracted, having a baby forced her to have laser focus. Kimberly Lewis shares her experience and ways new mothers are leveraging their roles and why all her first hires were moms.

The Shark Tank Experience

CurlMix was featured in Season 10 of Shark Tank. Learn about Kim’s experience from learning how to get on Shark Tank to getting that first call to be on the show. Kim will guide you on how to prepare for that million dollar pitch so you stand out and how to utilize and monetize PR opportunities.



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