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Mandy has been dubbed a sought-after voice of positive social change for this generation. Her body of work in sports, health, and wellness and passion for mental and behavioral health has earned her global attention and exclusive discussions with elite social leaders and sports figures around the world.

Inspired by her personal journey and philosophy of  “looking up”, she founded and is CEO (Chief Endorphins Officer) of the productivity and motivational app, upps™ (currently in beta) — which will become the first-ever tech company designed to lift people up and co-create global unity through anonymous, positive actions.

Mandy previously held appointments at two of the largest communications holding companies in the world — Omnicom and Publicis — where she quickly escalated to become one of the youngest ad executives in the industry. Here, she evaluated start-ups and small agencies globally for acquisition into the holding company, thus getting her feet wet in the start-up space. She also participated in over 200 pitches in 12 countries. During her tenure, she was hand-selected to attend Babson College and Harvard Business School’s Graduate Leadership Program, where she has been dubbed a “future global leader and visionary” by those institutions.

With a gift for storytelling and unwavering optimism, Mandy travels the globe as an in-demand speaker and as one of the leading advisors to Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. She’s worked with enterprises including Facebook, NBA, and Wells Fargo, and startups such as lnsikt and Fastmodel Sports.   

She’s been invited to advance positive social change in the tech industry at large, through angel investing and sitting on the boards of startups that commit themselves to the betterment of society – such as the iTbra, a sports bra that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect early-stage breast cancer, and as the first investor in the all-female tech startup, Foray Collective — now one of the largest influencer marketplaces in the world.

For all this, she has received global recognition. In 2015, Inc. Magazine tapped her as a columnist. In 2017, Huffington Post named her one of “The Great Twitter Accounts To Follow in her field.” In 2018, Thrive Global listed her as one of the “Top Limit Breaking Female Founders.”

Mandy appears in media outlets weekly — such as Business Insider, Forbes, Huffington Post, Sports Illustrated, WGN, Yahoo Finance, CBS Radio, and NPR — and her work is used as curriculum at academic institutions to inspire students worldwide. Her recently released TED Talk entitled, “The Power of Looking Up in an Epidemic of Looking Down” has already transformed human interaction in classrooms and corporations around the world and is the subject of her soon-to-release book.


The Power Of Looking Up

How Simple Acts of Visibility Translates to Our Productivity, Creativity, and Limitless Potential

It took a single high five to send famed speaker, author and entrepreneur, Mandy Antoniacci, on a journey that would forever change her life.

Originating from the TED stage Mandy poses a question that will rock the very foundation of today’s culture,  

“What if we stopped looking down and committed ourselves to looking up?”

Humans are wired to deal with discomfort by looking down. We use our devices, our hands, and even basic reading materials to erase ourselves from our environment, leaving the present moment behind.

In what she calls a “social epidemic of looking down,” Mandy reveals the fascinating power in seeing the unseen and how just one, simple, behavioral shift, can open the door to a life of unimaginable opportunity.

In this inspiring talk, Mandy shares personal stories of emergency spinal surgery that changed her view, moving narratives of human connection, and compelling, science-backed research she conducted within “invisible” cultures. Her gift for storytelling will empower audiences to walk away with a renewed sense of appreciation for our differences, ways to seize thousands of critical moments they may have otherwise missed, and once in a while, perform small, but heroic acts that leave individuals forever changed.

Mandy will customize her insights and storytelling to inspire your unique audience:

  • Women
  • Students
  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teams




  • "Mandy was amazing! She has such a remarkable presence and is an eloquent, energetic speaker. She took an incredibly important topic that is especially pertinent in today’s world and made it both relatable and engaging. All of our most important clients and colleagues all left feeling inspired and energized! This talked needs to be heard by females of every age to help us be more mindful of how we can be our most visible- to ourselves and to the world." Elizabeth Brozena VP, Financial Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors
  • “When Mandy stepped down from her keynote our event was trending on social media! Her presentation was ranked as the best part of the conference in our attendee survey. It was the highlight of the event!” K. Litzy, Ph.D. Founder of Women in PT Conference
  • “Mandy's enthusiasm and inspirational attitude was exactly the kind of energy we needed to kick off our first Washington D.C. event and to keep our audience thrilled and engaged. Mandy kept people smiling and she offered great inspiration with her technology. I look forward to working with her again!” Lisa Mae Brown Founder of Wonder Women in Tech
  • “One of our greatest finds! Mandy’s keynote undoubtedly stands out as one of the best I’ve seen. Her energy, insight and personal storylines were extremely relatable to women in all types of businesses. Even two power outages couldn’t keep her down! A real pro whom I would recommend to keynote any event.” Selena Smith Chairperson, Women's Committee, Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • “Mandy was an outstanding speaker for our premier Legends World Sports Conference. Her industry knowledge, insights and entrepreneurial guidance are invaluable in helping professional athletes transition to life after professional play.” Arnie Fielkow President & CEO, NBA Alumni Association
  • “Everyone left inspired! By far one of the most dynamic keynote speakers our University has heard. Mandy commanded the room while connecting directly with our students in a unique and relatable way. Her personal career path, connectivity to high-profile people, wrapped in her powerful storytelling made the entire room feel ready to take on their future!” Dr. Stacy Smulowitz Ph.D. Communication Dept., University of Scranton
  • “When Mandy speaks, people listen! Period! Her voice and influence were tremendous at our event and in our efforts to catalyze social change.” Esta Soler Founder & President, Futures Without Violence
  • “SO SO INCREDIBLY POWERFUL!!!! Mandy, YOU are hands down my favorite TED speaker that immediately impacted my life.” Sharon Ruddy
  • “No matter what walk of life you’re from… this talk will change your life! Looking up and receiving the power of human touch is priceless and will open up new doors for you in all aspects of your life!” Dexter Talbert
  • “This TED talk really inspired me. I saw the world around me in a totally new way this morning. On the way to work, at work, I looked up and looked at everyone I encountered and there was real connection. I said “hi” to folks I normally wouldn’t - it was transformational - it felt great. Most transformative TED I’ve ever watched that I can actually implement immediately. So amazing!!!” Joy Steimle
  • “Wow! I’m blown away on so many levels! Such an extremely powerful message delivered beautifully! You’re an inspiration and your message is one that every gender, age, race, and religion MUST see and take to heart!! (I know I have). BRAVO!” Audrey Holly

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Malcolm Gladwell was right...the subject of our affection towards our dogs reveals a great many complex truths. #wednesdaywisdom #thepoweroflookingup

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