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Stockholm, Sweden

Tags: Branding & Advertising / Communication / Digital Marketing / Diversity & Inclusion / Emcees & Moderators / Entrepreneurship / Marketing / Social Media / Startup / Technology


Maral has been an influencer and a strong voice in one of the hottest startup cities in the world, Stockholm, Sweden since 2013. And her story started in 2013 on Twitter! Moving across Stockholm attending every startup event out there with #sthlmtech as her tag—she built her network and co-founded Peppy Pals, an emotional intelligence education platform for kids. Tweeting her way into the startup community, working with Peppy Pals during nights and weekends, she managed her full-time corporate job at Philips Nordic during the day. Her startup aspirations kept growing and in June 2015, she also became the director for the Stockholm chapter of Startup Grind. Becoming more active helped her build up a community and gave her the opportunity to conduct several on-stage cozy interviews with some of the greatest minds of the city. Her guests span from founders and investors to CEOs and politicians.

In addition, Maral started co-organizing and moderating the SUP46 (Startup people of Sweden) Femtech forum from 2015 until 2018. The forum grew to be one of the leading women tech forums in the region, gathering around 200 women 4 times a year to be inspired by the different career tracks in tech.

In 2016, she got the opportunity to join and work at the Nordic region’s best incubator STING (Stockholm Innovation and Growth), and joined them full-time, helping them recruit startups to their programs and promote STING to be the number one choice for startups that wanted to scale.

Shortly after 10 months at STING, in 2017, Maral was hired as CMO at Watty, an AI energy startup empowering people to help fight climate change. Today, Watty is one of the hottest startups in Europe and is also listed as one of the hottest in iOT and AI companies to watch for.

Maral has lectured across all big universities in Stockholm and participated in international conferences to inspire how one could create his/her own opportunities, influence with social media, while sharing her startup marketing knowledge. She has over 15 years of digital experience and speaks 5 languages.


Create Your Own Opportunities: How to Influence with Social Media

Marketing and Branding for Startups

How to create hype, build reputation, get attention, and do marketing activities with or without a really small budget.

How to Build a Community

Simplify Complex Ideas and Communicate with Clarity

Opportunities Are In Limitations: A Focus on Diversity



When startups think a partnership with some big company will be the silver bullet that makes them grow, they're usually mistaken. What makes you grow is building amazing things and making customers love you.

Welcome to #Stockholm
I ♥️ Söder

We used to play in the same team. I lost track who plays which side now. All I know is that the game still excites me.

The future became less a thing we create through our present-day choices or hopes for humankind than a predestined scenario we bet on with our venture capital but arrive at passively.

(Old article dated 2018 but wow!)

It’s really not an exaggeration when I say how much I love my Apple products. How can @Apple constantly innovate great products that make my life so much better and empower me to do what I do best.

Every day I am amazed how were they able to build & sustain this company.

Remembering #ArmenianGenocide

I want to celebrate the lives of the 1.5 million Armenians.

Because of them,
I was exposed to many cultures since birth,
learned to make the best out of the worst,
make a home of anywhere I go,
take nothing for granted

Founding a company is basically committing to be in “fight or flight” response for the next ten years.