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As CEO at Allee Creative, Melissa Harrison has been a leader in the content marketing space for 20 years. With a solid background in content production and publication management, her career niche is in digital marketing and comprehensive content strategies that combine traditional and digital tactics. Melissa develops content marketing strategies for brands across the globe leading creation, curation, content execution and metrics analysis. Her niche is start-ups and small business, B2B, nonprofits, professional services, healthcare, real estate and higher education. Melissa was named a 2022 Notable Marketing Leader by Twin Cities Business Magazine, a Top Content Marketer by the Content Marketing Institute and is a 4-time recipient of the Hermes Creative Award.

Melissa speaks internationally on topics of digital media and content marketing strategies, educating audiences about best practices. Strategy, process, timelines and metrics are her jam (she’s never met a spreadsheet she didn’t like). Melissa’s notable clients of record include: 3M Littmann Stethoscopes, YMCA, SPR Therapeutics, Capella University, Minnesota State Bar Association, Therapixel, Endeavor Air, Optum and Lifetouch.


XYZ and Alphas. Marketing for the next generation

We need to stop categorizing concepts and “generational marketing” and realize that all marketing is generational. Depending on what you deem a generation cut-off date, there are 5+ generations in the workforce. That’s all kind of buying power and a whole lot of different communication tactics to sort through. What does this mean for your target audiences? Your communication strategies? Your Snapchat streaks? Before you get too far down the ‘bright and shiny’ new media road, let’s talk about how each generation is different, yet similar, and how you can account for their communication needs in your next marketing strategy development sesh.

Digital Marketing: Why Your ‘Might Do’ Needs a ‘Must-Do’ Makeover

It’s time to take a digital-first approach to business. And if we learned anything from the 2020 pandemic, it was the need to remain vigilant throughout the digital landscape when we didn’t always know which way was up (or understand the ever-changing channels and audiences). This is your year. Stop the ‘shoulds’ and start the ‘will dos’ to make effective connections with your customers online. This session will uncover the current state of consumers, their digital channels of preference and how to develop a new way of thinking—to keep empathy in digital marketing, reach audiences where and how they need, and stay motivated (and organized!) in your digital content creation.

Marketing basics: What you need to know to set your plan

Marketing plans are an essential part of the business. A fluid marketing plan that moves with you as the market evolves is even better. And thus, we all know that planning is half the battle. This workshop guides participants through marketing basics and the need-to-know components to develop a solid marketing plan. Melissa will present her 10-step approach to marketing planning along with considerations and research you can do prior to setting your plan. She’ll also speak specifically to the implications of COVID-19 and how to adjust your marketing plan accordingly.

Building a 365-day content plan in an ever-changing landscape

In wake of COVID-19, we saw a dramatic shift in the way we do (and market) business—how to make critical decisions and cancellations, how to communicate effectively throughout day-to-day changes, how to revamp communications to be in line with current sentiments and experiences. Hindsight (like most crisis) is 20/20. In this session, Melissa covers how to set up ongoing content strategy plans throughout the year and the tools to support you in this effort. Learn what to talk about during the downtime and

how you can leverage engagement and channels already set when crisis happens. We’ll explore video tools, content calendars, and ideas for mitigating stress on your event when unknowns creep up.

Communication on point: Best practices for digital media campaigns

Melissa explores various aspects of organic and paid social media campaigns to put you on the right track for launching your first set (or subsequent sets) of campaigns. Concentration will be given to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email marketing. Learn which social media channels appeal to which audiences:, how to set goals for paid media campaigns, tips for organizing your content (and planning ahead), and best practices for measuring results.




  • “All I can say is WOW!! Melissa did an excellent job of presenting the 10-Step Marketing Plan and now, as a marketing coordinator, I have so much work to do. Loved the class. Melissa always gives an awesome presentation on digital marketing and I feel that what she went over today is perfect for what we’re currently experiencing.” R. Sacks SBC-CPA
  • “What was really helpful was that Melissa provided actionable ideas that make you feel like you can go out and improve your marketing.” R. Gottesman Herter Design Group
  • “This was a great marketing plan overview and provided a clear roadmap for all the elements needed to create a 1-year plan. Melissa went through everything in a very thorough way and at a great pace. Loved all the examples and tools she provided as well.” T. Cronin Meester & Company, Inc.
  • “I found Melisa to be extremely knowledgeable and engaging, and very easy to follow even by a novice like me!” S. Lehman Sherrard German & Kelly, P.C
  • “Yours was one of the best webinars I have seen. Very well organized. Good content. You gave life to the presentation even though you were covering a lot of material quickly. Very efficient.” S. Donohue Great Garage Door Company
  • “Thank you so much for bringing Melissa’s webinar live. It was one of the best webinars I’ve attended EVER! So well organized and delivered. Very clear, but she kept the pace moving. And her deck was just enough info that I can refer back to it and reference what she was talking about. Kudos!” J. Echt The Crafter’s Workshop
  • “Thank you so much for coordinating such a powerful meeting! I’m so very grateful and very excited that we have a strategy and it’s exciting to have a path to follow and grow a strong effective business. Whoo, whoo!” B. Greenberg RediscoveringU
  • “I was at your Paid Social Media talk at IABC and just wanted to say THANK YOU! We are an early-stage company, and your talk came at the perfect time as we begin to shape our upcoming marketing strategy. I really appreciated your insights and approach and found your session to be the most helpful of all the ones I attended.” C. Nadler Laugh Dealer, LLC
  • “Thank you for sharing, I really needed this today! With support and compassion, we’ll get through this and pick up each other’s ‘hats’ as they fall off.” C. Sharratt American Cancer Society
  • “Such a great expression of what so many women are facing right now. From one mom (and professional) to another, it resonates that we have ‘no space to recover’. This is the hardest and most taxing part of it all. Thank you for being vulnerable, honest, and willing to share.” P. Trinko Nwyze
  • “Melissa, you have done it again. So adequately, eloquently, and honestly so perfectly have summed up not only my thoughts and feelings but I am the positive millions of others out there. You are a treasure to know and a blessing to have in my world.” C. Cliff KMC Dance Albertville