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New York, USA

Tags: Gravity's Exclusives / Activism / College & University / Digital Marketing / Diversity & Inclusion / Health & Wellness / Social Change & Issues / Startup / Technology


Morgen Bromell is a founder and technologist working to make tech more accessible to people of color through justice-based initiatives and tech activism. Apart from being the founder of Thurst, a dating app for the LGBTQIA+ community, they are also deeply invested in community building and documenting queer histories, particularly how queer and trans people use digital resources and online platforms to navigate our world.

Morgen began their interest in studying the intersections of queer organizing and digital platforms while both a student and youth activist in Brooklyn, NY. They were fortunate enough to learn from elders and queer trans activists from Stonewall while working at some of the more premier digital media companies and immersing themselves in the NYC startup scene.

These multifaceted experiences of balancing a technical background with a passion for queer liberation and justice have deeply influenced all of their work, from development to speaking and writing. Apart from tech, Morgen is interested in vegan cooking and decolonizing their diet, visual arts, and Afro-futurism.


Safety and Security Standards for Marginalized Users

This talk explores the process of determining what is “safe” and what security means internally and externally for the user as you begin to develop or reconsider the structure of your platform, app, product, or service that has marginalized users. This presentation doesn’t require any previous technical knowledge apart from a general understanding of project management and product development.

Queering Tech

“Queering Tech” will address how creatives, technologists, and designers challenge the inherent slant towards cis, white, heterosexual bias when planning and developing platforms, spaces, and tools to serve all communities. The goal of this talk is to explore and present options for teams of all sizes about how to shift perspective and challenge social and structural norms within our workspaces and collectives. Morgen believes by queering praxis, we not only change the process but the outcome, making every step of development potentially more inclusive, effective, and impactful.

Founding a Startup as a Young, Queer, Black Technologist

Morgen will share the pivotal moments that helped them as a new founder develop a network of supportive peers, advisors, mentors, and find their own community within tech. Morgen’s personal journey and the lessons learned navigating tech and eventually getting their startup launched and funded can be adjusted and applied to any marginalized person or group seeking an alternative narrative about entrepreneurship.

Meditation and Mindfulness as a Sustainable Startup Strategy

This talk is meant to serve both founders and startup employees, as well as employees on teams within large organizations that have a startup ethos. Morgen will share the practices derived from non-western meditation-based spiritualities that have aided Morgen in efficiently identifying causes of stress and alleviating it on a personal and company-wide level. Often mindfulness and spirituality are not associated with the pillars of successful companies, but Morgen will carefully detail how embracing parts of various non-western teachings and applying them within the context of a small working group can improve efficiency and interpersonal collaboration.



Finally found a trans inclusive primary care provider after years of focusing on and researching solutions for my mom's health.

My doctor: You diagnosed yourself correctly and I agree with all your recommended treatment choices - how do you know all this?

Me: 😅

I feel like a lot of people talk about sharecropping like it was some far away thing their grandparents and great-grandparents did, but y’all...I’m the child of sharecroppers.

"Self-identifying" as a marginalized identity does not mean you actually experience the material harm and day to day marginalization of that marginalized group. And when people point that out, its not "policing" or "gatekeeping" identity, its pointing out relative privilege.

Pew found Black people self-identified more as LGBTQ than whites since 2012. So have other nonwhite groups more recently. Reports have shown poor Black lesbians in the south make up most of queer parents in America. And yet, we get this false premise which Mayor Pete fell for.

if we aren't talking about prisons when we are talking about reproductive justice then you guessed it, we aren't talking about reproductive justice.

On this date - May 13, 1985 - Philadelphia Police dropped a bomb from a helicopter on a home owned by radical black nationalist group MOVE, destroying the house, killing 5 adults and 6 children, and causing a fire that burned down 61 black middle class homes. 1/

so many people have moved to brooklyn and only taken from it. donating to the fundraiser to keep the historical site of weeksville, in crown heights, open, is one way to give back. if you have disposable income, it is your duty to give to this campaign:

Breaking: Weeksville Heritage Center in Danger of Closing, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Trans people, like cis people, express themselves differently.

The innate quality of knowing yourself is what gender is.

Not how one is perceived or might be received due to expression.

Still cis people tell us we’re not getting it. These circles of erasure dig deep chasms.