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Rachel Cook is the founder and CEO of Seeds, the easiest way to ask the blockchain for help and receive it as a monetary gift – no strings attached. Seeds is a 2014 alum of Boost VC, the Bitcoin startup accelerator, a 2015 alum of Techstars Barclays New York, and they competed in Techcrunch Disrupt Battlefield in 2016, as seen on HBO’s Silicon Valley. Rachel wants to transcend the broken parts of capitalism, rendering the gatekeepers obsolete.



How Crypto Can Transcend What Fails About Capitalism and Socialism

The OS of Tech is Capitalism

Rachel Cook talks about the operating system of Tech: Capitalism. Based on a theory by writer Douglas Rushkoff, Rachel takes his theory a step further, identifying patriarchy as the primary failings of capitalism.

In this talk, Rachel discusses the manufactured zero-sum paradigms that make people believe there can only be one winner and it’s ensuing programming causing people to believe we are living in a world of scarcity, when in fact, money is everywhere – just distributed disproportionally. Rachel enlightens audiences by discussing this theory, its impact, and what we can do to change.

What’s Next? The Intersection of Spirituality and Technology

The next computing system that will carry us into the future can’t be foundationally built on binaries – it can’t be 1s and 0s from the outset. Instead, the building blocks of the next system need to behave like particles, able to be multiple things at once. In this talk, Rachel discusses the future of technology, combatting its ill-effects, and reorganizing it for the care of people instead.

Feminine/Masculine Energy Balance: Moving Forward as a Society

How can we move forward as a society? How do we shed the old patriarchal methods that overvalue toxic masculinity and undervalue healthy feminine energy? How do we find balance? Rachel explores these questions, providing insight into the how and the why all genders continue to suffer from an imbalance of feminine and masculine energy.

Vipassana Meditation



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