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Tags: Overcoming Adversity / Business / Mental Health / Work Life Balance / Education / Productivity / Faith & Spirituality / Motivational / Social Change & Issues


TEDx Speaker, Author, and Life Strategies Coach, Ranbir Puar has been helping adults and children break free of their limiting beliefs by providing the tools to tap into their inner strength and silence their inner critics since 2009.

With gentle yet profound guidance, Ranbir helps you change the conversation you are having with yourself. Her techniques teach you how to incrementally change the tone of your inner voice, and help you reprogram and reset, releasing your inner champion!  Whether you are a stressed-out business owner or student struggling with anxiety, Ranbir offers the tools you need to silence your inner critic, change your life, and unleash your true potential.  Most importantly, Ranbir’s work focuses on improving the relationships “Under Your Roof” by helping you Learn To Like Yourself and Like Your Family©.  Ranbir has also been a 20-Time Staff Pick on Insight Timer.  The world’s largest community of meditators.  She has also been a speaker at global parenting events, such as the Mindful World Parenting Summit with Eckart Tolle and Dr. Shefali.  Ranbir is the creator of the popular “Today I Practice” life strategies app. She has been featured in many publications globally.  Read about her impactful work on Forbes.

Ranbir’s own journey is inspirational; through challenging circumstances that negatively impacted her self-image, to being able to create a life with her husband and two sons that is fulfilling, joyful, and enlightened.  She is uniquely qualified to guide you beyond your pain, your baggage…your limiting beliefs. Her methods are based in reality, with systems you can easily put into practice daily, and transform your life.


From Despair to Destiny: How to Use Your Blind Side to Create Your Greatest Growth

A blindside is an event that pulls the rug out from under you. Many of us experience its life-altering shock waves at some point in our lifetime. Concerns that were seemingly outside of your life, now are deemed to have a colossal impact on your daily life. Your marriage, health, career or finances appear to be irreparably damaged.

You may feel like giving up hope and losing faith because The blind side is a challenge that is greater than anything you’ve experienced in your lifetime.  But it’s also the moment in time when you can experience your greatest personal growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding how to find the seed of growth/opportunity in your life challenge
  • Learn how to transmute that energy to fuel your most profound growth

Building Strong Children, It's Easier Than Repairing Broken Adults

Frederick Douglass said famously, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”   Unfortunately, stats tell us, clear as day, that our kids are broken… more than any generation before them.  Today nearly 40% of teens suffer from depression, and about as many are being labeled as having ADD. The death rate from suicide for kids between 10-14 years-old doubled from 2007 to 2014 (The Centre for Disease Control).  And it’s the second leading cause of death amongst 15-29-year old’s. In tandem, the adults guiding are also suffering more than previous generations. In fact, we are being labeled as the most medicated generation of all-time.   

Key Takeaways:

  • You will learn realistic methods on how to build strong children.  Children that are flexible and resilient so they don’t “snap” under pressure.
  • Methodology covered also includes teaching children how to manage comparisons, labels, worrying, bullying, goal setting and how to develop a happiness habit.
  • In addition to learning methods to help children, you will also find that these tools also help facilitate your own growth along the way.

Unplugged: The Power of Using Meditation in Your Classroom

The pressure on our children today is unlike anything we have seen in the past. Educators are on the front lines and they witness the overwhelm that kids feel, both inside and outside the classroom.

The rising expectations of students in K-12 have led to an increase in the demand on their attention and executive functioning.   But students are rarely taught how to pay attention. They are rarely taught how to train their brains to focus on the present moment so they can get the most out of their education.  Meditation is the one tool they need in their toolboxes, now more than ever. More and more schools across North America are implementing meditation programs for their students. In fact, in the past five years alone, scientific studies on meditation have increased by approximately 300%.

Key Takeaways:

  • The science behind the impacts of meditation (why it’s been around for centuries).
  • The various types of meditation, and their best use.
  • How to teach meditation in your classroom.
  • How to create your own meditative practice.
  • The benefits of meditation are not unique to one subset of students.  They have been documented in many demographics and the impact of meditation is measurable and consistent.  

Getting Rid of your Imposter Syndrome

Do you know that imposter syndrome is one of the greatest challenges people feel in the workplace?  

“Imposter syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success. ‘Imposters’ suffer from chronic self-doubt and a sense of intellectual fraudulence that override any feelings of success or external proof of their competence.”  (Harvard Business Review)

Chronic self-doubt…doubting the PROOF of competence and success.  The imposter feels isolated and alone – in the home and in the workplace.  This person has felt alone for as long as she can remember.

In the case of the “imposter syndrome”, your inner dialogue is telling you that you are a fraud.  That you essentially cheated, or you were given some kind of break/preferred treatment. The main message being that you are not worthy of your successes in your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the birthplace of your imposter syndrome. 
  • Techniques on how to challenge the voice of your inner critic.
  • How to transform that negative narrative into a productive dialogue.
  • Learn to become comfortable with your wins, and your losses.  

How to Improve Your Sales Results by Learning How to Tame Your Inner Critic

You’re only as good as your last sale.  A phrase that is so ingrained in the psyche of a salesperson.  The ratio of hearing a no to a yes in the sales world is very high.  To be successful in sales, you need to have thick skin. But often, even the best of the best hit rock bottom.  The job can be draining. Innovation is difficult, especially in tough markets. The difference between a good salesperson and the greatest salesperson comes down to their inner dialogue.  How they speak to themselves when they are alone with their thoughts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the birthplace of your negative narrative.  
  • Techniques on how to challenge the voice of your inner critic.
  • How every no brings you closer to a yes (a twist on the classic Og Mandino strategy).
  • Learn how to stop measuring yourself against your last sale.  
  • Unleash your inner sales guru by awakening your inner champion.  Learn techniques to become unstoppable, even in tough markets.
  • How to change your mind habits so you go from being reactionary to creative in your sales process.

Unplugged: The Power of Using Meditation in Your Office/Corporation

Research suggests that work-related stress is one of the top five causes of death in the United States.  Companies such as Apple, Google, HBO, Yahoo, and Nike have looked for ways to deal with this challenge. The result?  They implemented corporate meditation programs. These big companies are not alone. More and more organizations across North America are implementing meditation and holistic wellness programs for their staff to not only alleviate stress but also to improve productivity and creativity.  Engaging employees impact the bottom line! A 2013 Gallup survey found, “companies whose employees are comparatively more engaged generate 147% higher earnings per share”. Meditation is the one tool your team needs, now more than ever.

Key Takeaways:

  • The science behind the impacts of meditation (why it’s been around for centuries).
  • The various types of meditation, and their best use.
  • How to create a corporate meditation program that gains traction and consistency.
  • How to cultivate your own meditative practice.

Ranbir Puar provides specialized programs for the following groups:

  • For corporate clients, transforming organizations and teams
  • Individual (one-on-one) coaching, guiding you beyond your limiting beliefs
  • Family coaching through support and guidance





  • “Going into this course, I struggled to find focus, and my inner critic was running the show most days. I felt stuck and overly critical. With gentle, profound guidance Ranbir gave me the tools to help change the conversation I was having with myself. She showed me – with a few laughs and plenty of “A-Ha!” moments along the way – how to regain control and find a healthy perspective. The techniques and advice Ranbir shared continue to help me every day, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn from her.” Gayle McLeod The Soup Solution
  • “Ranbir has helped me tap into my own inner strength, and given me many strategies for working with what makes me unique and wonderful. I came to the course feeling in need of direction to avoid burn-out, and with a far too active and loud inner critic. (It was holding me back). I was your typical stressed-out business owner, afraid to make giant leaps that were scary, but available to me precisely because of my skill and ability. It is so wonderful to have someone as innately curious and intelligent as Ranbir lead me through the techniques she knows works, because she has tested them, refined and perfected them. I am grateful for the chance to be lead by her to a better reality for myself. It is wonderful to be in the network of such a generous soul.” Karen Bannister CEO Entrepreneur Mom Now
  • “Ranbir is a kind and gentle soul with a great sense of humour and tonnes of knowledge. She gets the information across very well without sounding ‘woo-woo’. In fact, she’s like a scientist of the spirit!” Taslim Jaffer Let Me Out Creative
  • “I truly felt connected and had so many “ah ha” moments. Taking that time to learn more about myself was important as it allowed me how to feel less stressed and less reluctant to blame others for my stress. The mindshift is so powerful… Amazing. I loved the meditations as well.” Christina Chandra Turning Mommy
  • “Inner Champion is a must for anyone who wants to access their blind spots and learn the internal skills necessary to go after what they want in their personal or work life. Ranbir is a caring, brilliant and gifted teacher with a fantastic ability to create clarity and help a person set a new, more fulfilling path. She’s helped me get out of my own way in many areas and onto bigger experiences in life! Thanks Ranbir!” Loa Fridfinnson Chief Creative Strategist Activ8 Corporate Relations
  • “Last fall I took the “Awakening Your Inner Champion” course with Ranbir. The course was easy to follow/understand, fit in with my busy schedule, and the advice was realistic and simple to implement. It helped me take a step out of my busy schedule and understand patterns in my life – some that I want to work on changing and some more positive aspects that I want to celebrate and expand! In particular, I really got a lot of value out of Ranbir’s Time, Language, and Love Audit – something I think about even today! Ranbir’s very “easy to approach” and non-judgemental attitude made me open up both to myself and the group to help work towards bettering myself. I would highly recommend anyone looking to gain guidance with moving towards a more positive life to connect with Ranbir and sign up for one of her courses.” Karen Gibbard President Gibbard Group Financial
  • “I looked forward to every Wednesday when the webinar ran. Ranbir and the others in the group made for a welcoming and safe place to be open and honest. I have seen counsellors and psychologists in the past but this was different. Ranbir helped me realize that I have the ability to control how I deal with my past and present life stresses. Taking her webinar has opened up a whole new way of thinking for me.” Carrie Valentin-Lochhead Wellness Mentor
  • “I would recommend this course for women who feel held back in life by their own perceptions, self-limitations and baggage.” Elizabeth Clark Strategist, Business Planning, Marketing & Social Media
  • “It was awesome to take the Inner Champion webinar course with Ranbir Puar and learn more about meditation. I had always heard about Meditation and all the benefits about it but Ranbir was the person who could really help me understand the importance of it and how to do it properly. Thank you so much Ranbir!” Sarah Lipi DocMe

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