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Roderick Jefferson is an internationally recognized, business-focused speaker. Having given keynote presentations nationally and seven countries throughout the world, he understands the power of sharing real-life strategies that work.

Over the past two decades, Roderick has shared his dynamic and energetic voice globally in a variety of events including keynotes, guest lectures, and domain expertise panels, with companies including Oracle,, 3PAR/HP, Business Objects, NetApp, PayPal, Siebel Systems, and AT&T.

In addition to a highly successful speaking career, Roderick is an acknowledged thought leader in the sales enablement space. For over twenty years he has built award-winning sales enablement organizations within some of the world’s most successful Fortune 1,000 companies. Roderick has won numerous awards including being selected as the 2015 Sales Onboarding Program of the Year by SiriusDecisions

Learn from a proven expert who will share and teach proven modern strategies, proven methodologies, & engaging stories that will drive interactive audience engagement and yield remarkable results. Roderick is one of those rare individuals who walks the talks and gets his clients results.

As the former head of Global Sales Enablement for Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud,, 3PAR/HP, Business Objects, NetApp, PayPal, Siebel Systems, & AT&T., Roderick’s deep experience in change management, leadership and sales execution provides the appropriate level of credibility and business acumen to set the right tone for your conference. His compelling keynote speeches can set the table at the start of a conference, or end it with a bang.

Successful, awarding winning sales professional;
20+ years of award-winning success in driving Executive-level Sales Enablement implementation and programs at multiple Fortune 500 companies;
Identified as a global Sales Enablement Thought Leader;
Founding Member of the Sales Enablement Society;
Trained and enabled 10,000+ sales professionals.

Roderick tailors his message to fit your audience and what your organization is all about. When your event is over, the attendees will leave motivated and excited to make the changes required to win in their personal and professional lives.


Partnering with Sales Enablement to Drive Incremental Revenue

What if sales enablement stopped being perceived as a cost center? What if, instead of thinking of it as training, or a resting place for an organization’s broken things, we thought of sales enablement as a strategic partner—a proactive function that actually enables sales to sell faster and higher in organizations? The role of Sales Enablement is shifting. Sale Enablement is no longer about putting butts in seats or how many folks we accredit or certify. We are really here to help influence and drive incremental revenue.

In his high-energy interactive presentations, Roderick shares timely concepts and relevant takeaways to help your group:

  • Understand how the connection between sales leaders and sales enablement that will lead to driving increased revenue.
  • Maximize the activities that result in the generation of qualified leads and tie these activities to quantifiable metrics.
  • Identify proven sales enablement processes, methodologies, and tools that will lead to decreased time to revenue or first close.
  • Leave the event with a call-to-action that will challenge your thinking and deepen your commitment to personal and professional success.

Managing Geographically Dispersed Teams

It seems like every organization is faced with this scenario and it differs greatly from how organizations managed teams and resources 20 years ago. In today’s world of global sales organizations, support organizations, CEOs, and everyone in between will manage resources who are not co-located with the rest of the team members they are working with on projects and company initiatives. While the scenario of managing dispersed teams is more the norm now than the exception, it is not without its challenges and its own set of ‘best practices’. If one hopes to be successful in overseeing dispersed teams and leading them on tasks and projects – especially customer-facing projects then there are a few key concepts to keep in mind in order to collaborate and communicate successfully.

In his high-energy interactive presentations, Roderick shares timely concepts and relevant takeaways to help your group:

  • Learn how to drive impactful results, not project activities
  • Identify and utilize web-based tools designed to efficiently, effectively communicate while creating a virtual environment
  • Improve performance and strengthen interpersonal relationships by building a culture of accountability

Working with the Millennial

The number of Millennials entering the workforce is continuing to grow annually. Their new thoughts, ideas, values, and approach to work is driving a significant change in Corporate America. The most common problem that I see Millennials facing today is that they’re not prepared for the demands of Corporate America as they’re coming out of college/university. The college/university system is set-up to create a “roadmap” of classes and activities required to complete your degree. Unfortunately, Corporate America isn’t built on this premise. You have to learn how to and in some cases how NOT to in order to be successful!

In his high-energy interactive presentations, Roderick shares timely concepts and relevant takeaways to help your group:

  • Embrace the “new way” of doing business and how to build partnerships with millennials.
  • Share best practices, tribal knowledge, and even personal mistakes as the “Blueprint To Success” that will lead to success in the corporate and/or entrepreneurial environment!
  • Improve performance and strengthen interpersonal relationships by building a culture of accountability

Diversity in Leadership

With rapidly shifting demographics, continued globalization, and increased reliance on partnering, organizations must embrace diversity and inclusion (D&I) not only as a means to enhance business performance but also as an enabler of innovation and collaboration.

In his high-energy interactive presentations, Roderick shares timely concepts and relevant takeaways to help your group:

  • Articulate the importance of Diversity in the workplace & society
  • Drive conversations with mentors, sponsors, & business professionals around the topic of diversity & how it fits into career options
  • Initiate a roadmap in their current studies that will include diversity of curriculum, thoughts, & career opportunities
  • Improve performance and strengthen interpersonal relationships by building a culture of accountability

The Blueprint to Success in Business #HopeIsNotAStrategy

Looking to learn how to successfully identify, prepare for, and transition from college into dream job in Corporate America? With 20+ years of experience Roderick will share strategies for navigating the corporate culture, breaking the glass ceiling, and social media branding.

In his high-energy interactive presentations, Roderick shares timely concepts and relevant takeaways to help your group:

  • Contribute to increased enrollment
  • Contribute to improved student retention
  • Contribute to improved graduate outcomes
  • Improve performance and strengthen interpersonal relationships by building a culture of accountability




  • “Roderick’s thought leadership and guidance on all things enablement and productivity oriented within the Sales and Customer Success areas of our business have enabled us to scale rapidly.” AVP, Commercial Sales,
  • “Roderick is real, an expert in his field and dedicated to success. He connects very well with all levels of an organization and knows how to adjust his communication style when necessary.” Owner, JBarrows Sales Training
  • “Roderick is a master of professional speaking. He is extremely motivational and his training and enablement content is some of the best. He is able to connect at a professional and personal level with his audience!" Sr. Director, Riverbed Technology
  • “It was really awesome to have him come in & share his knowledge, especially around Sales Enablement with our community!" Owner, Enterprise Sales Meetup
  • “The feedback he disseminates as my team members go through his mentoring hits the mark, his constant quest for improvement meant we were always at the cutting edge in equipping and training our teams and his values - simply second to none!" Regional Vice President, Akamai Technologies
  • “Roderick approaches the topic of Sales Enablement by focusing on the relationship and building trust. He understands that the science is finding out what you need that scales broadly and the art is tailoring how to provide that information!” Founder, SalesTuners
  • “Roderick presented a review of great strategies!” Stanford University Graduate School of Business FinTech Forum
  • “Roderick inspired and encouraged over 400 students with his personal anecdotes, advice, and experience. His content in a genuine manner that connects with both students and professionals.” Program Manager, California State University, Chico

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