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Dr. Travis Stiles is the CEO and co-founder of Novoron Bioscience, which is developing therapeutics to reverse damage caused by debilitating neurodegenerative conditions such as spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis. In addition to his scientific expertise, Dr. Stiles has become a passionate advocate and promoter of innovation to improve the human condition.

Inspired by the loss of a friend to ALS, Dr. Stiles embarked on a biomedical research path, which led to groundbreaking neuroscientific work and multiple novel discoveries. Along that path, Dr. Stiles became intimately aware of cultural and systemic factors that can impede innovation.  He now speaks across a wide and diverse spectrum to encourage ideas and policies that address these short-comings. Whether discussing the psychological aspects of “imposter syndrome,” identifying and debating policies that obstruct innovation, or championing ideas based on merit and regardless of where they originated, Dr. Stiles seeks to overcome the barriers to innovation and promote societal advancement.

A member of the Cherokee nation, Dr. Stiles is a champion for diversity, equality, science, and informed solutions to the world’s problems. His goal is to inspire the world’s next generation to advocate for positive changes that will empower innovators and catalyze a better future.


The Myth of "Evil Pharma"

Improving Patient Outcomes

Leadership to Encourage and Promote Innovation

Managerial Courage: Leadership to Promote Innovation

Imposter Syndrome: Embracing Doubt to Empower Passion

Embracing Complexity and the Perils of Justifiable Failure

Barriers to Innovation in Human Health



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