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NFTs as Tools of Empowerment toward Creative Justice in Web3

Actor and activist Jesse Williams, who portrayed Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy, in his 2016 BET Awards acceptance speech, used the phrase “gentrifying our genius” to condemn the insidious process of misappropriating the artistic productions of Black creators, inventors, and innovators. These three power-filled words exposed the atrocities of creative theft committed by those who sought to perpetuate the racist scourge of white supremacy and amplified the incalculable intrinsic value of multicultural contributions. Williams’ speech shined a bright light on the dark history of devaluating and stealing Black artistry, its systemic misappropriation and hyper monetization.


7 Tips on Marketing A Must-See Live Event

Live events require meticulous, orchestrated planning. But how do you take that effort and turn it into results? It’s no surprise that a live event often encourages the most buy-in from an audience, as participants feel like they’re part of something unique and relevant in the moment, while pre-recorded events can often make audiences feel more divorced from the subject matter.

Max Lenderman Brand Purpose Featured

“Has Brand Purpose Lost Its Luster?” by Max Lenderman

Five years ago in an advertising trade magazine, I wrote a column asking if brand purpose had “jumped the shark.” As the founder and CEO of a purpose marketing consultancy, I was reacting to a Saturday Night Live skit that featured brand managers of Cheetos being pitched by rival agencies. One of the agencies just wants to show kids having fun and snacking; the other agency pitches increasingly absurd purpose-centered advertising tropes like immigration, racial inclusiveness, and transgender rights while touting the cheesiness (no pun intended) of the Cheetos brand. This skewering of purpose-washed commercials was a bit too much on the nose.

Tech Firms Striving for Diversity Fixate on the Wrong Metric Aubrey Blanche Featured

Tech Firms Striving for Diversity Fixate on the Wrong Metric by Aubrey Blanche

The issue of diversity and inclusion in tech is what designers call a wicked problem. It’s a cluster of systemic and individual biases, compounded by years of denial, complicated by changing socioeconomic forces. Still, that’s no excuse — especially since Silicon Valley prides itself on solving impossible problems, and given its exceptional influence in the business community and around the world.

How to Prepare for a Recession Denise Lee-Yohn Featured

How to Prepare for a Recession by Denise Lee Yohn

Let’s face it – we’re headed toward an official recession.  It’s a different kind of recession – one that was produced on purpose instead of experienced by accident.  But it’s a recession nonetheless.  And with unemployment claims at their highest level since the Labor Department started tracking the data in 1967 and projections from the medical field that prolonged or intermittent social distancing may be necessary into 2022, it’s likely the economy will be disrupted for quite awhile.  What should you do to prepare your business?

Your Money or Your LIfe Neil Sahota Featured

Your Money or Your Life? by Neil Sahota

Your money or your life? That’s the age-old question… usually asked by “highwaymen” a.k.a. robbers. Well, COVID-19 is a new kind of highway virus, and we’re asking, “Our lives, or our money?” Well, I’ll give you a typical MBA answer: It depends.

Being Prepared For the Future of Events for Speakers and Event Professionals Blog Post Featured

Being Prepared For the Future of Events for Speakers and Event Professionals

Like all businesses, the speaking and events world is subject to change. This is a topic many speakers and event organizers are thinking about now, thanks to the Coronavirus, but it is something the industry needs to start preparing for in spite of these difficult times. Speakers and event planners make their living off of live events and conferences and like any business, they can have disruptions. Having multiple ways to deliver your services and a contingency plan in place is key for business continuity. Here are a few things to help you prepare for the future.

Going Beyond Innovation with Neil Sahota Blog Post Featured

Going Beyond Innovation with Neil Sahota

The world is a complex and fast-moving place. Innovation is happening in every industry and spans a multitude of both current and emerging technologies. The mixture of innovation is rewriting our society in real-time as we know it. How do we wrap our heads around this age of change to develop, adapt, and innovate?