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Tags: Overcoming Adversity / Change Management / Environment & Sustainability / Team Building / International / Leadership / Motivational / Social Change & Issues / Sports & Adventure


Chris Bertish is a professional speaker, big wave surfing Mavericks champion, stand up paddle board Guinness World Record holder, best-selling author, award-winning film director, philanthropist, conservationist, ocean pioneer, and entrepreneur.

He was recently recognized as one of the Top 5 Motivational Speakers in South Africa and Top 10 in the World. Chris was selected as one of the Genius 100-Global Visionaries for the future, by the Einstein Institute, both for excellence in his disciplines and universal global positive influence, along with other fellow visionaries like Deepak Chopra, Sir Ken Robinson, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sir Richard Branson, and Dr. Silvia Earle.

His incredible Mavericks big wave story was developed into a globally inspiring and award-winning film, Ocean Driven, and then was launched into the #1 best-selling book-Stoked!

In 2017, Red Bull Adventure exclaimed Chris “redefined the concept of extreme adventure” when he became the first person ever to stand up paddle across any ocean. Defying all odds, he navigated 4660 mi (7500 km) solo, unsupported and unassisted for 93 days, across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco, Africa to the Caribbean Island of Antigua. The Sup Crossing was a truly unparalleled global feat, while raising money and awareness for conservation and to help disadvantaged children in Africa, through the Lunchbox Fund and Operation Smile.

He has become renowned for his dynamic and inspiring keynote addresses delivered around the globe, which move audiences to tears and laughter, with a powerful narrative and audio-visual overload that keeps people on the edge of their seats from start to finish and leaves them inspired, impacted, and moved.

Chris Bertish shifts boundaries and shatters perceptions of what’s possible, while using his voice, his stories, and his adventures as a force for good and positive change. He is a Climate Neutral business, using his adventures and projects to support charities, both in the humanitarian, educational, sustainability and environmental realms, to bring about tangible positive change, while inspiring us to give back, lift others up, be better humans and discover our own greatest potential.

Chris is an Ambassador for Operation Smile, Sea Trees, Sea Shepherd and Conservation International and through his business and non-profit, The Chris Bertish Foundation, he annually plants multiple forests around the world, to be an example to others of the change we all wish to see in the world.

In early 2022 Chris and his team launched his new feature film documentary called “Last known Co-ordinates” globally, on his mind-altering, purpose-driven, solo, unsupported, Trans-Atlantic Sup Crossing journey, which has already been selected for 5 x International Film Festivals and won multiple international awards.

In June / July 2022, Chris Wing Foiled, solo and unsupported, across the Pacific Ocean, from California to Hawaii, over 49 days and 2500 Nautical Miles, becoming the first person to wing foil across any ocean. A project powered by nature, for nature. All tied into the UN’s 17 global SDG’s, while raising money and creating awareness on Climate Change, Ocean Health issues and the action needed to get down to carbon net zero by 2030.

In 2023, Chris just launched his second Book “All in!” on his incredible solo Stand up Paddle journey. The new book has already graced the Best Sellers list in South Africa and Chris is currently doing a Roadshow across America, West to East, launching his new book and Speaking to and inspiring audiences across the USA.

In August 2023, Chris launched his new ALL IN!- Limited Edition Eco Series Book (only 10xbooks in the world), which is the most sustainable book ever printed. A book created as an example to the world of what’s possible. Everything Chris does is about leading by example and being the change we want to see in the world, each and every day.


All In!

Success doesn’t just happen, it’s not a sure thing, to achieve your goal the first time round, sometimes it takes many times, learning and growing, again and again. Months, years, sometimes even decades… there are no shortcuts, to get there quicker… Real success takes time! & when you get there, it may be completely different to how you imagine it.. but it’s the journey and what it takes to get there that matters, that’s what builds you and shapes you, as it’s that which doesn’t break you, that makes you!

My latest Talk- “All in!” tells the story of my latest TransPacific Wing Project, from conception to execution, with all of the trials and tribulations along the way!

This is a talk about what it takes to succeed in anything – a project, a start up, a goal.. going “All In!” is not just a phrase, it’s a philosophy I live by.

A code for achieving anything against all odds, when everything is on the line and success is the only option.

Success takes time, there are no quick fixes, it takes meticulous planning and preparation, foresight, insight, future proofing, worst-case scenario role-playing, a growth mindset, a positive attitude, action, passion, purpose and most of all- a dogged determination and resilience to keep on going when others won’t and that is the difference- Perseverance! The All in attitude that separates the best from the rest- to achieve anything, even the seemingly impossible!

Limitless! The SUP Crossing Story

There has never before been a solo expedition so wild, extreme, and hazardous that as Red Bull, Nat Geo, and the New York Times said, ”Redefined Adventure!” But not only did Chris’s incredible Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Crossing transcend the limits of what was thought to be humanly possible, it was completed for an incredible life-changing purpose that directly impacted and inspired millions around the world.

In Chris’s latest and most impressive talk yet, which is receiving standing ovations globally, The SUP Crossing – Go The Distance talk, Chris delivers a spellbinding and captivating narrative complemented by a powerful audiovisual presentation that will blow your audience away.

In March 2017 Chris completed his most daring challenge yet by becoming the first person to cross the entire Atlantic Ocean (over 7500km) on a Stand Up Paddleboard over 93 days and 93 grueling nights, solo & unsupported. In doing so, Chris dared to achieve what most perceive to be impossible.

This talk will inspire, educate and motivate audiences by sharing his incredibly captivating stories, lessons and learnings.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of meticulous planning and preparation
  • Defining your why?
  • Adopt a “can do” attitude
  • Embracing change as a constant
  • How to implement the tools & skills Chris teaches
  • Chris’ “5 P’s”: Planning, Preparation, Passion, Perseverance, Purpose
  • Risk and fear management
  • Innovation / working with what you have
  • Collaboration and the importance of teamwork
  • Going the distance – resilience

Achieving the Impossible: The Mavericks Big Wave Story

Chris rides waves the size of four-story buildings for fun. He won the Maverick’s Big Wave International surfing event in the biggest waves ever recorded in the history of the sport. He holds the South African Open Ocean Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) 24-hour Distance World Record. Chris is living proof that if you truly believe in something, set your sights on your goal – no matter how big – if you work hard at it, stay focused and never give up, you can achieve anything.

The Maverick’s Big Wave Story tells the tale of how a regular working guy from South Africa manages to get halfway around the globe to win the prestigious Maverick’s competition (TITANS OF MAVERICKS), the world’s premiere, high adrenaline, big wave surfing event, overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles along the way, against all odds.

During this one-day, invitation-only surfing competition 24 TITANS attempt to compete at the highest level of skill, risk and athleticism to stand out and effortlessly challenge the massive swells on the biggest and best day of the winter season. It’s a story that is filled with insight about overcoming obstacles, the power of the mind, embracing change, determination, never giving up and tackling the “impossible”.

What you will learn:

  • Vision
  • Goals
  • Attitude To Action
  • Dealing With Fear & Change
  • The Constant Learning Attitude
  • Opportunity In The Obstacle
  • The Power & Impact Of Visualization
  • Dream It, See It, Believe It, Achieve It Mindset
  • Understanding & Redefining Limiting Beliefs
  • Perseverance/resilience
  • ‘Never-give-up’ Attitude
  • Achieving The Impossible
  • Gain insight into the preparation, emotion, and challenges of the SUP Crossing

Fireside Talks: Intimate Evening

A completely unique and very intimate & personal, informal evening around a fire/fire-pit, at a venue/location chosen by the client. Chris will open the session with some of his stories in a relaxed, intimate, yet casual setting, without audio visual.

Clients get the rare chance to talk and engage on a one-on-one basis with Chris and find out the secrets to the magic that makes him tick, what inspires, drives and motivates him to achieve the seemingly impossible time and again and to continue doing so. This personalised session is perfectly suited to smaller groups who want a really unique and special evening comprised of your Executive Committee, VIP Guests or recognised top achievers. It’s an opportunity to engage and hear various stories about some of the greatest Adventures of our time, from the man himself.

From massive waves, to great white sharks, giant squids, to World Records, Guinness World Records, crossing the Atlantic, surfing Shark Island and so much more… Ask Chris the questions that you don’t get the answer to in a formal talk! This will definitely be a night to remember and one every guest will never forget.

Key Features:

  • Incredibly rare personal opportunity
  • Learn the mechanics and skills that Chris utilizes
  • Gain insight into the preparation, emotion, and challenges of the SUP Crossing
  • Ask the questions you are really curious to know
  • Look into the eyes of a man that truly lives his passion and believes that nothing is impossible
  • An engaging and interactive session
  • That unites a team long into the future

Intimate Dinners: Talk & Inspirational Q&A

Chris will join your team or event for a sit down dinner and open the evening with a 30 minute talk on the subject of your choice, such as his latest epic expedition; The SUP Crossing – Go The Distance.

The floor will then be opened to the audience for a personal Q&A session presenting the opportunity to deep dive into the intricacies and complex elements of the adventure, Chris’s psyche and experiences.

Enjoy a wonderfully inspirational evening with your team celebrating achievements or recognizing valued clients. This informal, entertaining and motivating session complemented with food and drink will prove to be the highlight of your calendar.

Chris is a bestselling author, Award Winning Film Maker, Environmental Warrior, Ocean Pioneer, Big Wave Surfer, World Record Breaker, Philanthropist, and Professional Speaker… 2 hours with Chris is the paradigm shift your company deserves!

Key Features:

  • A rare opportunity to spend time in a relaxed setting with Chris
  • Choose from a selection of Chris’ inspiring stories
  • Find out how Chris continues to overcome adversity and challenge convention
  • Take the time to get to know the man that has become a legend
  • Ask about upcoming projects and initiatives
  • Be part of an engaging discussion covering 2 decades of ocean adventure
  • Understand the passion of Chris’ why and what pushes him to new frontiers
  • Personalize your copy of Chris’ bestselling book, Stoked!

Workshop: Chris’s 15 Step Blueprint for Success

Chris has been in corporate business as Sales Director, Marketing Director, Brand Manager, CEO of multiple global organizations and companies as well as achieving world records across multiple different sports and disciplines.

He has written books, made films, and speaks professionally around the world to be able to help others achieve everything they set out to achieve, as he does in all areas of life.

This is a dynamic team session as Chris actively leads you through his blueprint for success on how to attain any goal in life, work, and business.

Workshop: Opportunity for Change

This is a workshop and talk based on being a champion of change, as it’s the constant in life.

Chris will share with you how to see the value in accepting change, in a proactive manner, to have control of a more positive outcome in order to ensure positive results. Additionally, learning to see the positive side of change and how it helps you in every way and only hinders you if you resist change it and move against it.

An invaluable workshop/talk for businesses, professionals, and individuals experiencing or preparing for dramatic change.

Unique Team Building SUP Sessions

Learn to SUP and receive some tips and techniques from the world’s most accomplished stand-up paddle boarder in a controlled and safe environment! Anyone from any background, shape, age, and size can learn within half an hour.

Chris’s team will help facilitate the booking and hiring of the SUP equipment (at the clients cost) and ensure sufficient boards and paddles according to your needs and then it’s all about fun, being outdoors, laughing with your team, racing, turning and experiencing first-hand the amazing sport of Stand-up Paddle boarding (SUP’ing)

Chris offers personal guidance, expert tuition, advice on open water paddling, water safety, body posture, correct style and technique to optimize stroke and maximize SUP’ing enjoyment. It’s safe, easy to learn and great exercise and most of all, loads of fun!

Key Features:

  • Teamwork
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Fun in the sun, in a controlled environment
  • Overcoming fears
  • Embracing the unknown & stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Dealing with change
  • Empowering self
  • Confidence & morale building
  • Synergy team booster

Locations: V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa or Half Moon Bay – San Francisco, USA

10 Tools for Isolation & Work From Home Success

Thrive Through Adversity: Change & Turbulent Times





  • “Chris is an amazing human!! Hearing how he maintained his positivity and mental health through his incredible voyage is amazingly inspirational. His talk was very timely; reminding us of the essential elements and tools required to maintain a positive outlook during these trying times. Chris's authentic delivery and positive energy left our team uplifted and inspired!” KATRINA TEMPERO UX Manager, Google
  • “He's an expert on shifting his comfort zone, and it's clear through his public speaking that he is right in his comfort zone. He teaches on finding your greatest potential, and coming from such a legend as Chris, I was left feeling empowered to evaluate where in my life I could more intentionally "dial it up" and follow my passions. If there's ever an attitude for gratitude that should be shared on a big stage (or virtual event), then Chris' story is one for the records. This was one of our most successful talks at Salesforce.” KELLY COWDEN Industry Events & Sponsors, Salesforce
  • “Chris has to be one of the most interesting people on the planet. His 10 Tools Talk on dealing with Isolation is so timely and was extremely helpful for all of us in our team, given the current events. Our team came away from the talk energized, with some valuable tools we can apply right now to our lives and with a fresh perspective. Our only wish is that we could have had several more hours to hear more of Chris’ stories from his various adventures.” ERIC NOETH Principal, Advent International
  • “Chris spoke to sell out events in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg and received standing ovations at these events and feedback from our clients has been nothing short of spectacular. Chris has an amazing story to tell and he does so with unlimited passion and drive, Chris is the consummate professional and it was a pleasure dealing with him throughout.” BRETT WOOD Marketing Director, Sales Guru Live
  • “Chris provided us with an authentic view of his own isolation experiences and shared top tips that were easy to incorporate into daily life to help us navigate through this crisis and even beyond. I believe anyone could benefit from learning and applying these tools in their life. Extremely grateful to have been a part of this session and to have shared in the wisdom of Chris’s insights.” VANESSA GILL Regional Manager, Cisco ANZ
  • “Chris’ story is one of powerful and lasting self determination which was perfectly timed given the personal and professional challenges we are all facing during the global lock-down. The talk is on-point, impactful, inspiring and would be likely to benefit any team hoping to gain perspective on where they are at present and how to not only survive, but how to thrive, in the face of change.” ROBERT BAIGRIE CFA Head of Developed Markets, Asia Pacific Conservation International
  • “His incredibly inspiring talk stuck deeply in my mind and motivated me to: get back into fitness, take on intentional nutrition for health rather than just pleasure, re-engage in the practices that put my feet and mind back on the ground so I can be present and in the moment by moment excellence of our human experience (My wife and family thank him). I take my hat off to Chris and thank him for the gift of his boggling and articulate story of how far beyond the place where we usually stop in life, we really can go.” MICHAEL EASTWOOD Senior System Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
  • “After an inspiring address based on his beautiful and courageous true story, Chris deservedly received a massive standing ovation from our international audience in financial services. His story is simply Breathtaking!” Mike Lee CEO, ATMIA, Global
  • “You were everything we could have asked for and more! The standing ovation was well deserved and the response was overwhelming… You are a special Human Being!” Steve Harden GM, Southern Wines, California USA
  • "Chris has spoken at more than five of our biggest conferences around the USA, over 2016 and 2017, addressing a variety of different audiences, but one thing is always constant – he captivates them from the second he walks on stage. His energy, excitement, and passion for adventure are second-to-none. It’s impossible to leave one of his talks without being truly inspired.” Jonathan Toomey CMO, Eventful Conferences, USA

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