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Tags: Business / Communication / Diversity & Inclusion / Employee Experience & Human Resources / Entrepreneurship / Leadership / Motivational


Kelly Charles-Collins is a sought-after authority specializing in unconscious bias, bystander intervention, and courageous conversations. Kelly has been revolutionizing the way leaders and employees learn about and address the issues of justice, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace; acknowledging the tension, resistance, associated with and the vital importance of these issues.

As a retired 20+ year employment law trial attorney turned keynote and award-winning TEDx speaker, author, podcast host and magazine publisher, Kelly understands first-hand the complexities of employer/employee and employee/employee relationships and feels compelled to lead a revolution to create safe, inclusive, accountable organizational cultures and environments where people see, appreciate, and respect each other’s humanity.

Kelly is also a remarkably powerful visionary and women’s empowerment speaker who believes there is a concerted effort to erase women’s value, and so she created Speaker Moguls™ and Ladies Who Leverage Global Network®. Speaker Moguls™ is an exclusive program for women speakers to master the business of professional speaking and design a bankable brand strategy that gets them known and paid. Ladies Who Leverage® is a global network for women to connect authentically, build strategically, and live life unapologetically AF.

Kelly’s past clients include Raymond James, eBay, Tampa Bay International Airport, United States Tennis Association, BayCare Health Systems, SHRM, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, Association Forum and many more.

A transformative keynote speaker and mentor, Kelly has been featured in some of the biggest media publications and outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS,, Forbes, Fast Company, Authority Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, Thrive Global and more. She is also the author of Conversations Change Things: The “PER”fect Framework for Courageous Conversations and Unapologetic AF: 34 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Badass.


The V Suite™: Where Women Own Their Vision, Voice, Visibility & Value

Abstract: Many women have been taught to “act like a lady,” “stay in your lane,” “shut up,” “don’t ask for too much;” the list goes on. This has caused some women to retreat, recoil, and run which only strengthens the systems that perpetuate the erasure of women. But the truth is, women are powerful at their core. They get to choose what it means to act like a lady, decide what their lane is, to show up and speak up and command what they deserve. Women get to live beyond their potential and prevent their erasure. It’s time to fully embrace your power. Welcome to the V Suite – where women unapologetically own their vision, voice, visibility & value.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Expand your vision for what is possible to live beyond your potential
  • Discover or rediscover the power of your voice and your silence
  • Design your visibility strategy and game plan for execution
  • Recognize your value and differentiate it from your worth

Cultivating Safe, Inclusive, And Accountable Cultures

It is imperative for organizations to create safe, inclusive cultures where people see, appreciate, and respect each other’s humanity. That requires open, honest conversation and accountability. It also requires a genuine commitment from leadership to integrate diversity, equity, belonging, inclusion, and safety into the fabric of the organization. What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t count. What isn’t seen as having a direct correlation to your bottom line, doesn’t matter. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify practical strategies to uncover hidden biases and facilitate inclusive interactions
  • Analyze the tangible and intangible impact of unconscious bias
  • Explore the “PER”fect Framework for Courageous Conversations
  • Discover the 4 Cs to move from being a bystander to an ally and advocate

Conversations Change Things: How to Engage in Honest, Productive Dialogue in the Workplace

70% of employees routinely avoid conversations about performance, growth, interpersonal relationships, and company culture. Leaders do also. Why? Fear. Where to begin? What to say? What if they say the wrong thing? What’s the potential fallout? While these fears are reasonable concerns, you can’t let fear stop you. Failing to address critical issues through honest, productive conversations is bad for business. You create tension, leave things unsaid, or miss opportunities to clear up misunderstandings. Ignoring issues doesn’t make them disappear. Rather, what we ignore festers. And this internal silence results in decreased engagement, lost productivity, toxic cultures, and high turnover.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define what a courageous conversation is and recognize when one is necessary
  • Explore the benefits of having courageous conversations and disadvantages of not
  • Develop strategies for building a conversational culture based on candor, clarity, and collaboration
  • Demonstrate how to effectively apply the “PER”fect Framework to engage in honest, productive conversations





  • “Our team loved your message. I wanted to thank you for the perspective of embracing humanity. I think that spirit is alive and well here at Grow. Hearing you say that encapsulated your entire message and the message most needed within our country right now. You were an exceptional part of our day and I can’t thank you enough for your message.“ Thomas Feindt CEO, Grow Financial
  • “Your presentation just ended and I want to thank you. I appreciated your insight about Unconscious Bias, I am glad that it wasn't just focus on race but on facts. Thank you for supporting AFWA by sharing your knowledge with us. I hope you will consider presenting again in the future.” Danielle Mowery CPA
  • “So appreciate your presentation for AFWA. Love the reminder to use “Amplify” when others are overlooked. Looking forward to reading your books.” Kelly Morris Hodge CPA, Bridge The Gap Accounting
  • “Thank you for an educational and insightful session with our Sr. Leaders. We appreciate the extra time you took for answering questions and providing some coaching/mentoring tips for having some conversations around taboo topics.” Lorisse Garcia SVP of People Operations, Vinik Sports Group
  • “Thank you for addressing so many important points and challenging all of us to think about all the topics we covered [on race and racism].“ Bob Bolton CFO, Day Pitney
  • “ I had the pleasure of receiving your presentation to Grow Financial this morning and it was awesome. You’re incredibly impactful and I’m grateful you were with us today.” Kent Paro VP Operations, Grow Financial
  • “Thank you so much for your words and encouragement yesterday. Hearing you speak [about courageous conversations] is so empowering. You have given us the language and strategies to move forward. Can I order more of the booklets you gave us? You are making such a difference through your approach. I am grateful! Caitlin Mallory” Director of Special Education, CHPS

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