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Lars Schmidt is the Founder of Amplify, a boutique firm that helps companies and HR leaders navigate the new world of work through HR executive search and the Amplify Accelerator program. He’s spent over 20 years in the industry building a range of leading global companies. He’s a writer for Fast Company, author of the bestselling Redefining HR book, co-author of Employer Branding for Dummies, and Host of the Redefining HR podcast. 

Lars’s work has been featured in Fast Company, CNN, NPR, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Time, Forbes, Washington Post, and TechCo. Lars keynotes and emcees conferences around the word on topics spanning HR transformation, recruiting, employer brand, and talent innovation. He was named a Top 100 Influencer by HR Examiner and included in The Huffington Post’s Top 100 Most Social HR Experts on Twitter, named a top 50 recruiting influencer by LinkedIn, and is the recipient of NPR’s 1st internal innovation award. He is based in Virginia, USA.


Redefining HR: A Roadmap for Modern HR & People Operations

The field of HR is at a turning point. The events of 2020 have reinforced that the days of transactional personnel are numbered. A new model of HR is emerging that is crucial to organizational transformation and growth. A model built for the 21st Century, driven by data and business acumen, and deeply linked to business strategy. Agile people operations that can adapt quickly to volatile times. This interactive session, led by author of Redefining HR and Fast Company contributor and podcast host Lars Schmidt, will spotlight key elements of a modern HR function. It includes tips on how HR leaders can stay on top of emerging technology, trends – ensuring they evolve with the industry and future-proof their careers.

The Future of Employer Brand

The field of Employer Brand is transforming how leading companies build winning talent strategies. No longer an experimental luxury, employer brand is now a foundational element of how companies attract and retain talent. In this highly interactive and engaging session, author and industry-leader Lars Schmidt will guide you through the evolution of employer brand with a focus on what’s now and what’s next – from AI to augmented reality. He’ll share case studies and examples from companies who are leading the way, and lead a lively Q&A to answer all your employer brand questions.

Is HR Technology Outpacing Our Capabilities?

We’re living in a golden age of HR technology. Technology has transformed the way HR practitioners work, and allows us to make profound impacts in our organizations. Our systems are evolving at a rapid pace. Do we run the risk of outpacing the capabilities of practitioners? This session will examine some of the new “open source” approaches to learning and innovation in the field that are designed to help equip HR leaders to future-proof their organizations.

HR Open Source Learning Lab: Collaborative Problem Solving

We all face challenges in our roles as HR practitioners. Keeping pace with innovation, managing shifting priorities, and tackling new deliverables where you have no experience to name a few. If you don’t have access to expensive training/knowledge resources, how do overcome them? This interactive workshop will demonstrate the power of harnessing the collaborative intellect of your peers to solve problems. Bring your problems, and we’ll workshop them together in this live peer problem solving workshop.

Modern Recruiting

Future of Work

Building Inclusive Companies





  • "This book has the potential to transform the future of Human Resources. Lars Schmidt is a beacon of light, and his bold vision may well elevate a long-marginalized field into the force for good it deserves to be." Adam Grant New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and Original and Host of the TED podcast Worklife
  • "Lars graciously accepted my invitation to speak on a panel last month on how to leverage social media to find a job. The event was a smashing success in no small part thanks to his subject matter expertise and ability to both entertain and enlighten the crowd at the same time. He is a genuine pleasure to work with, a fantastic communicator, and an all-around great guy. " Kathryn Minshew Founder & CEO, The Muse
  • "The uniquely uncertain circumstances during 2020 reinforced the importance of HR - present, communicative, empathetic, innovative, courageous and creative. This book is a window into that world. Lars is a gifted storyteller and harnesses his own unique voice and those of many other people leaders to paint a picture of what great HR can be. This book is essential reading for anyone looking to build people teams for today and tomorrow." Katarina Berg Spotify, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • “Lars has long been a forward-thinking expert in the people space, so it's phenomenal to see all of that greatness come together in a book that's both informative but practical. It is packed with thought provoking ideas that provide exactly the kind of inspiration that the people space so woefully needs.” Ruth Penfold People Practice Lead, bp Launchpad
  • “Lars Schmidt has absolutely nailed the future of HR. This book is a must-read for business and HR leaders alike. Redefining HR is a fantastic, delightful read, full of insight and innovation. I couldn't put it down and now find myself forever changed on how I think about where we are headed. This is a homerun.” David Hanrahan Chief Human Resources Officer, Eventbrite
  • "Lars has such a unique vantage point on all things people. What makes him so special is his ability to distill so many sources and inputs through his unique lens to paint a picture of what we can be at our best. Redefining HR is a blueprint for modern HR and people operations. It blends relatable stories, struggles, and practices in a way that only Lars can bring to life." Claude Silver Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

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