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Lolita Taub is a 2x time TEDx Speaker, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, an enterprise tech professional and an investor. She spent 9 years in the corporate trenches, selling enterprise B2B tech solutions to Fortune 500 companies at IBM, Cisco Systems, and Silicon Valley and NYC startups. Lolita then made the jump from tech operator to venture capital after learning what it takes for products and services to sell and scale — a handy skill set in assessing investment viability and advising startups on how to close enterprise deals. Her early-stage tech investing experience includes Portfolia, K Fund, and Backstage Capital.

Today, Lolita brings her experience and knowledge to her role as Backstage Capital’s Principal for the “It’s About Damn Time Fund” which focuses on investing in black women-founded tech startups. Lolita also supports Backstage Accelerator, a global network of city-based programs focused on funding startups founded by women, people of color, and LGBTQ-identified.

Lolita holds a BA in International Relations and Global Business from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and an MBA with an emphasis in Tech and Venture Capital from the IE Business School (ranked as the #8 Global MBA by the Financial Times) in Madrid. She has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Fortune,, Huffington Post, and Lolita is also a Technolochicas 3.0 ambassador.


Reinventing Venture Capital

Lolita talks about the traditional approach to venture capital, explores new models, and shares her conclusions on reinventing venture capital to fund the right companies and optimize returns.

Investors: There’s a New Way to Diversify your Investment Portfolio

Lolita talks about how investors can take advantage of the fact that not everyone has caught on to the fact that investors will make their money from companies that are not just founded by white guys in hoodies who dropped out of Harvard.

Startups: Here’s How to Get Funded

Lolita talks through her cheat sheet on getting funded as an early-stage startup.

Tech Corps: Here’s Why and How to Partner with Venture Capitalists

Lolita talks about the plateaus of corporations, the shorter life cycle of businesses today, etc. She then shares why and how big corporates should partner with venture capitalists if they want to stay alive and keep an edge on their competition.




  • “Strategic and results-oriented leader” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Lolita. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for the year, during her internship with K Fund and as an MBA candidate at the IE Business School. Above all, I’ve been impressed with Lolita’s ability to strategically form alliances with the startup and VC community, mobilize resources (in and out the tech space), lead and manage her MBA capstone project team, and accomplish her goals. And of course, I appreciate that as she accomplishes objectives and grows she shares insights through her talks and blog posts. Lolita would be a true asset for any position requiring a strategic thinking mind that gets things done!” Ignacio Larru Chief Financial Officer, KFund
  • “Lolita is one of the best persons that I've met this year, and I have met hundreds of them. She is very pleasant to work with, and adds tremendously value through her network of connections. We decided to merge her project, The F SHOW, into SoGal, and she magically made the experience effortless. With her help, SoGal is now a global community of emerging, diverse entrepreneurs in 20+ countries in 6 continents. I am happy to recommend Lolita to anyone (and I already can't stop talking about her), because of her capability in relationship management and business development. She is truly a great asset!” Pocket Sun Managing Partner & Co-Founder, SoGal Venture
  • “Lolita was instrumental in the launch and creation of Cisco’s North America internal gaming community, mobilizing over 60 Cisco account managers in the path to developing a collaboration platform to socialize and enable Cisco’s gaming portfolio.” William Gustafson Certified Business Architect
  • “Lolita is a true connector and visionary. She foresaw the value brought about by a series of tribal gaming partners, made introductions, and enabled my organization to run a forward thinking tribal gaming booth at the largest tribal gaming conference, the National Indian Gaming Association Conference. Lolita also put the Synergy and Cisco Reservation of the Future solution on the map. Incredible.” Jonathan Eaton Executive Director and Principal, Synergy Information Solutions

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