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Melinda Briana Epler has over 25 years of experience developing business innovation and inclusion strategies for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and global NGOs.

As CEO of Change Catalyst, Melinda currently works with the tech industry to solve diversity and inclusion together. Using her background in storytelling and large-scale culture change, she is a strategic advisor for tech companies, tech hubs, and governments around the world. She co-leads a series of global solutions-focused conferences called Tech Inclusion. Melinda is also Director of Program Development at Backstage Capital, a venture capital firm, where she develops startup curriculum and builds inclusive local and global entrepreneur ecosystems for underestimated founders.

Previously, Melinda was a Marketing and Culture Executive and award-winning documentary filmmaker – her film and television work includes projects that exposed the AIDS crisis in South Africa, explored women’s rights in Turkey, and prepared communities for the effects of climate change. She has worked on several television shows, including NBC’s The West Wing.

Melinda speaks, mentors and writes about diversity and inclusion in tech, allyship, social entrepreneurship, underrepresented entrepreneurs, and investing.


Creating An Inclusive Startup

This workshop is created for early stage startups to develop diverse and inclusive companies from the start. In a safe and inclusive environment, we’ll discuss the business case for diversity and inclusion, leading with empathy, working through microaggressions and biases on your team, supporting underrepresented team members, examining your recruiting process, developing equitable systems and processes, measurement and accountability, developing a strategic Inclusion Plan, and more. This workshop includes a consultation to better understand the audience, specific needs, and objectives.

Building Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Work with your diversity and inclusion team, ERG or Executive team to design a new strategy or improve your current strategy. Includes sharing insight into other d&i strategies across the industry, insight into organizational and behavior change strategies, facilitation with your team to surface new ideas and align them to objectives, templates for developing your strategy and action steps, recommendations for developing your story and building momentum for creating change. This workshop includes a consultation to better understand the audience, specific needs, and objectives.

This workshop can address:

  • Overview of D&I in Tech
  • Best Practices in tech industry D&I
  • Developing your Inclusion Roadmap
  • Change Management & Behavior Change Strategies
  • Storytelling & Shaping the Narrative
  • Getting Leadership to Join You
  • Troubleshooting Key Challenges
  • Improving the Employee Experience
  • Talent & Recruiting Strategy
  • Pay & Promotion Equity Strategy
  • Movement Building & Accountability
  • Data & Impact Measurement

Allyship Workshop

Learn the basics around diversity and inclusion – including language, general concepts and frameworks – and insights into who and why people are underrepresented. Then learn what small and bigger steps you can take to be an ally for anyone around you, especially people who are underrepresented.

This workshop is created for everyone, because no matter who we are we can be better allies for each other. This workshop includes a consultation to better understand the audience, specific needs, and objectives.

This workshop will address:

  • General language & framework around diversity and inclusion
  • Who is underrepresented & why
  • What underrepresented people experience
  • How to be a good ally:
    • Do no harm
    • Advocate for others
    • Change someone’s life significantly
  • Bigger things you can do

Leading with Empathy

In this 2-hour workshop, leaders can learn how to lead their teams and companies to become better allies for one another through active listening and activating empathy.

How to Be a Great Ally

Building Inclusive Tech Ecosystems / Tech Economies

Don’t Replicate Silicon Valley: Building a Local Startup Ecosystem That is Inclusive

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Melinda Epler is a seasoned keynote speaker, panel moderator, and emcee. All featured workshops can be structured to fit your company’s needs.

Additional topics Melinda can address include:

  • Supporting and Investing in Underrepresented Entrepreneurs
  • Creating Inclusive Cultures
  • Inclusive Innovation
  • Beyond Gender
  • Allyship
  • The State of Diversity & Inclusion in the Tech Industry
  • Disability, Mental Health, and Inclusion



I watched this video about becoming a champion for others, helping address our own hidden bias (which we all have), and improving #diversity and #inclusion in the workplace. It was a very useful 10 minutes, and shows ways we can al…

Watching @mbrianaepler’s TED Talk on allyship:

Thank you UNIVERSE for putting this in my path to watch! Build Confidence in yourself & within your teams by embracing the act of Allyship! Wow! 3 ways to be a better ally in the workplace (Melinda Epler | TED Salon Brightline Initiative) via @TEDTalks

Whoever edited Captain Marvel and left this scene out SHOULD GO DIRECTLY TO MOVIE JAIL!

So far, each of the three deleted scenes from Captain Marvel would easily rank in my top five scenes in the movie.

Completely on a high from yesterday's #TechInclusion conference. Met so many interesting people, from many different sectors, who really care about making a difference! 💕👏

Pressed through tiredness & a tight schedule to drop into #techinclusion conf today & so glad I did. GEMS from @annie_parker @tomdawkins Abena Ofori @AnnaKReeves @mrbenjaminlaw Marsha Uppill @AceSalama & level of engagement in the room. So valuable. Thanks @techinclusionco

What an absolutely massive day today at #TechInclusion - thank you speakers, panelists and @mbrianaepler for bringing it to Melbourne! 🙌

Spent the day at @techinclusionco hearing a lot of powerful stories, inspiring me to use the energy I'm conserving through my privilege to make positive change for those that don't have it.

Closing remarks from @mbrianaepler “It’s ok to step back to take care of yourself, then step back in when you’re ready. There will be a lot of people doing the work to fill the gap in the meantime.” #techinclusion

“It’s ok to step back to take care of yourself, because other people will fill that gap for you so you can take a break.” — an important reminder from @mbrianaepler to take care of ourselves, and that it’s ok to step back and take breaks. #TechInclusion @techinclusionco