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Tags: Activism / Communication / College & University / Diversity & Inclusion / Employee Experience & Human Resources / Education / Faith & Spirituality / Team Building / Motivational / Social Change & Issues


Keynote Speaker, TEDx Presenter, and Seminar Leader. She is the Author of 11 Reasons to Become Race Literate: A pocket guide to a new conversation and 8 Essentials to a Race Conversation: A Manual to a New Dialogue and Speaking Race in Healthcare A Manual for the Dialogue. Milagros specializes in transformation and creating a safe space for engaging in difficult conversations. Milagros is the Producer/Host of Race Healer TV to be aired on the Roku network in the Fall of 2019 and the creator of Race Healer Magazine. 

Milagros’ 2-day program, Race Demystified & the Healing Process, has been presented for more than 20 years to Fortune 100 Companies, colleges, universities and communities throughout the US. She co-developed the Race Equity Framework Model to End HIV for The National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC). The Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution has incorporated Race Demystified – Why We’ve Not Healed & How We Can, as part of the curriculum in their conflict resolution certification training. For the Maryland court system. 

Milagros was the senior consultant with Search for Common Ground and The Faith and Politics Institute as they worked collaboratively to develop Congressional Conversations on Race (CCR). Her three-part approach to a race conversation became the foundation for CCR. She also co-facilitated the program for three years. This program assisted members of Congress in crafting a productive conversation about race leading to community action and collaboration. 

Milagros was the Founding Executive Director of “The National Resource Center for the Healing of Racism.” She has served as Expert in Residence for the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Michigan State University uses part of her Transformation, Race, and Healing program, to train their diversity facilitators. Milagros trained over one thousand employees, executive staff and board members at a Fortune 100 Insurance Company. The transformation within the organization was so profound that one executive said, “We don’t even interview the same way anymore.” Milagros has more than 25 years of facilitation experience and is fluent in English and Spanish.


Cracking the Code of Our Racial Conditioning

Our nation has 4 levels of racial conditioning. These levels of conditioning impact implicit and explicit bias. How they interplay with each other affects how we see ourselves and each other. Understanding the code helps us create better relationships at work, create a more equitable work environment and support the organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

This program:

  • Explains what the 4 agreements in our racial conditioning.
  • Unravels how these agreements form a code.
  • Explores how these agreements affect our work/life.
  • And gives us ways of cracking the code for a better work/life

Race & Work Relations: Unraveling the 5 Layers of Racial Conditioning

Looking to create better work relationships?

There are 5 different ways that we have acquired and internalized our racial conditioning. All 5 layers are interconnected. Understanding and unraveling these layers gives us context, helps us create better work relationships, makes it easier to understand race-related conflicts, and helps us achieve a more equitable work environment.

In this program, we will:

  • Explore the 5 layers of racial conditioning for context and meaning
  • Look at the ways we unconsciously maintain these layers
  • Find new ways of working with race-related conflict
  • Look at how a new understanding can create new possibilities

Speaking Race in Diversity & Inclusion: The Essentials to the Conversation

Even organizations with great diversity and inclusion departments struggle when it comes to dealing with racial tensions. Conversation can feel difficult and awkward. However, understanding the essentials can ease the stress of the conversation, and create better work relationships. This speech covers the 8 essentials needed for a successful race conversation.

The Advantages of Race Literacy

Race Literacy is a powerful antidote to a racially charged work environment. This speech addresses – What is Race literacy? How does it create a more equitable work environment? How does it create better work relationships?

Race Demystified: Why We’ve Not Healed & How We Can

Racism is a 500-year old legacy that has been handed down from generation to generation. It is a historical wound that impacts our lives and our organizations, that makes us fragile, stressed, and causes some to lose their lives. Avoiding our racial wound will not make it go away, it hasn’t in 500 years. Now is the time to come together to learn, awaken, and heal. RACE Demystified is an experience of transformation like no other!

What makes this program so powerful is that you move through the process of transformation while learning the process. 

You will benefit from more than 20 years of facilitation that result in a safe, and compassionate approach, and a powerful and transformative experience.

You will leave this program with:

  • A new awareness of race
  • Greater comfort with the race conversation 
  • An understanding of how race affects your organization and your job
  • Information that strengthens your diversity and inclusion initiative
  • An awareness of your role in the healing process
  • Greater knowledge of how history impacts healing
  • A new sense of hope
  • An understanding of our connection based on research
  • Information that sets you firmly on the path of healing
  • A process that can transform your organization and other areas of your life
  • A new vision for the future
  • A personal or group plan of action

This unique program walks participants through the 9 stages of healing & transformation.

In this 2-day intensive you will:

  • Understand how race & racism impacts your health, organizations & institutions
  • Recognize and tend your historical wound
  • Unravel racial confusion and fragility
  • Explore information that leads beyond diversity & inclusion to belonging 
  • Discover the compelling history needed to transform and heal
  • Share insights and experiences that enhance your learning
  • Learn about new research that takes you beyond a change of mind, to a change of heart
  • See yourself in the story – Everyone has a leading role in the process of transformation
  • Understand the 9 layers of healing & transformation & how it applies to other areas of life

Race & The Spiritual Journey

As spiritual beings experiencing our humanity… 

Does racism seem too big to tackle?

Do you see it as other people’s problem?

Does it seem like an issue for our less enlightened siblings?

If you are living in this country at this time, race is part of your spiritual journey. Learn how you have been prepared for these times and how you can use your spiritual knowledge, power, and wisdom to assist in this grand transformation.

In this seminar, we will look at:

  • The role of energy work in intergenerational and historical trauma
  • An ancient secret hidden in plain sight, backed by science, can help us heal
  • How healing your own family trauma can enhance your power as a healer
  • Heart-centered techniques for relieving racial stress
  • Ancient patterns that guide our actions and reactions and much more

This 1-day seminar is filled with Ahas! It will help you connect the dots, gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspect of race. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this seminar will help you heal from the inside out.




  • "I trust Milagros. Milagros is a compassionate listener and gifted with potent intuitive insight. When I need help, she is the person I call. She can take a messy, confusing situation in your life; one that is causing you internal angst and distills it into easily digestible pieces. The heavy weight is immediately lifted and you felt lighter. Milagros has extensive knowledge in diversity, cross cultural subjects, and relationship counseling, she was able to guide me to understand what I owned and what the other person was responsible for. I am deeply grateful to Milagros for her wisdom because it got me more in touch with my needs. Her coaching got me to re-connect with my inner knowing My work with Milagros was an important element in me moving on fearlessly forward.” M. Mahoney Corporate Consumer Products Professional
  • "Milagros is a wise and powerful coach. At a very difficult time in my life, she helped me see, hear, feel, touch the beauty of the world around me, and awaken the spirit within. Her guidance was a saving grace. At a time of confusion, she helped me find a way forward through knowing my own creativity and inner strength. " Kathy Gille Independent Political Organization Professional
  • “Milagros taught us how to disagree without hurting each other with painful and irreparable arguments and how to honor ourselves and each other without co-dependency. Weekly homework proved to be invaluable, revealing patterns from past and familial relationships. (Aha! moments too numerous to count.) Not only do I use what I learned from Milagros in my marriage, but in my work and business relationships. As my marriage continues to get stronger, I am eternally grateful to Milagros for the work she did with us." Carla Hall Lyons Owner, Alchemy by Carla, Co-host ABC Daytime’s lifestyle series,