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Nicholas Webb is a number one bestselling author and is one of the most popular Innovation, Healthcare, Future-trends, and Customer Experience Speakers in the world. Unlike most Innovation Speakers who have never actually invented anything and have no real-world expertise in the are of Enterprise Innovation, Nicholas is a multi-award-winning inventor of technologies ranging from one of the world’s smallest medical implants to a very successful line of educational and fitness products.

Nicholas serves as an Adjunct Professor at Western University of Health Sciences and as the Director for the University’s prestigious, Center for Innovation. For his many contributions to healthcare, WesternU has recently awarded Nicholas his Doctorate of Humane Letters (Hon.).

As technology CEO, Nicholas owns and operates several technology companies in both healthcare and consumer goods. As a Certified Management Consultant, he works should-to-shoulder with boards of directors of multibillion-dollar companies to assist them in building future-ready organizations. His bestselling books include The Innovation Playbook, The Digital Innovation Playbook, Invent Stuff, The Cost of Being Sick, and his current number one bestseller, What Customers Crave. His upcoming book, Sparks – “Innovation Secrets of the Best Organizations in the World” is set to publish by Spring 2019.


Happiness and Happy Cultures

What does Happiness have to do with Innovation? Turns out everything! In Nick’s just-released book Heyday – how to make every day the best day of your life, he discovered that the best organizations in the world have a culture of Happiness. Nick doesn’t speak on Happiness as a theorist, rather he speaks from the perspective of an Organizational Happiness Researcher and Advisor to help some of the top brands in the world. His talks show his audience how to deliver the highest degree of market value, and growth by implementing “Happiness as a Strategy.”

Healthcare Futurist: The Ultimate Keynote Speaker on the Coronavirus Global Pandemic

Forget the theorists! Your audience wants more. The overwhelming majority of speakers in the area of the coronavirus are simply regurgitating information that they have gleaned from the CDC or other sources. Most do not live in the trenches of innovation where the real insights live. 

Nick, on the other hand, has just designed and patented a new sterilization system for reprocessing scarce surgical masks. He’s traveling the world filming a new documentary entitled, “Fixing Healthcare”, available on screens worldwide this Fall. His upcoming McGraw-Hill book, “The Healthcare Mandate” is a playbook for the post-pandemic healthcare industry. Nick lives healthcare innovation every day as the Chief Innovation Officer and Adjunct Professor for the most comprehensive Health Science University in the country.

Nick can provide multi-camera full studio virtual 2.0 presentations. 

Healthcare topics include: 

  • Fixing Healthcare
    Powerful keynote presentation based on his upcoming documentary “Fixing Healthcare” wherein he provides a clear path forward for the sustainable future of healthcare.
  • The Healthcare Mandate
    Based on his upcoming McGraw-Hill book, “The Healthcare Mandate” and three years of research on what organizations within healthcare will need to do to maintain relevancy in a time of massive disruption.
  • The Future of Healthcare Technology
    As a Chief Innovation Officer and an award-winning investor, Nick lays out the enabling technologies that will represent the future of healthcare. Based on his upcoming book, “The Healthcare Mandate”, (McGraw-Hill) available in bookstores worldwide this September.
  • Patient Consumerism
    Powerful talk on healthcare organizations must go beyond Patient Experience Design to develop exceptional consumer experiences that drive relevancy and growth. Based on the research of his number one best-selling book, “What Customers Crave”.

Innovation and the Post-Pandemic Economy

Your audiences want more than theories and regurgitated information. They want ground-level expertise on how to reinvent their organization in a time of economic collapse. As a consultant, Nick works with the top brands in the world to help them drive sustainable growth and profitability. For the freshest research, biggest ideas, and actionable insights, Nick Webb is meeting planners first choice. 

Nick’s current number one best-selling book, The Innovation Mandate, is a “how to fly” manual for organizations looking to recover from the current economic collapse. As an award-winning innovator that has been awarded over 40 patents by the US patents and Trademark Office. Forget the theorists, your audience wants real innovators.

Nick’s clients represent a “Who’s Who” of the best brands in the world from FedEx, Cisco, Pfizer, Salesforce, 3M, and Verizon, just to name a few. 

Nick can provide multi-camera full studio virtual 2.0 presentations. 

Innovation Topics Include:

  • The Post-Pandemic Economy
    In this powerful keynote presentation, Nick lays out a practical roadmap for organizations to reinvent himself in the post-pandemic economy. This includes a practical and real-world approach that is truly actionable.
  • The Innovation Mandate
    Based on his number one best-selling book, “The Innovation Mandate”, lays out the secrets to driving an innovative organization that results in happy customers, employees, and scalable growth.
  • The Future of Technology Innovation
    As a Chief Innovation Officer and an award-winning invertor, Nick lays out the enabling technologies that will represent the future of organization growth. He provides stunning case examples of the impact of the three big shifts in the future of enterprise and technology.
  • Reinventing the Customer Experience
    Power talk on organizations growth and Customer Experience Innovation (CX) that outlines how customer experience is the front line of enterprise growth and how to win at it. Based on the research of his number one best-selling book, “What Customers Crave”.

Future Trends

The future belongs to organizations that understand the building blocks of the future. Including technology, new economic models, and consumerization.

The Fuzzy Future
Many organizations see the future as fuzzy, amorphous, and intimidating. The good news is that the future is predictable- and it’s going to be amazing! In this powerful talk, world-renowned futurist Nicholas Webb will take your audience on an exciting journey into the future, both near and far.

The Future of Technology
Nicholas Webb will take the complexity of future technologies and make it approachable, understandable, and real. Customized to be highly relevant to your industry, Nicholas will help you successfully blaze your trail to an amazing future.

The Four Shifts of The Future
The future is bringing four-well defined building blocks or shifts, the impact of consumerization, connection architecture, disruptive innovation, and new economic models. When you understand these building blocks, your organization will be able to connect these trends to your organizational strategy to ensure your enterprise success.


Studies prove that the best organizational leaders are building collaborative organizations that are driving improved customer experiences (CX) and disruptive innovations.

Customer Experience

Today, marketing has turned into an innovation discipline. Learn what the best organizations in the world are doing to drive growth and profit.

The Customer Experience Mandate
Recent studies suggest that nearly 90% of the top-performing organizations in the world are using Customer Experience Design (CXD) to drive sustainable growth & profit. Learn how to apply these new principles to increase revenue by as much as 30% without a dime spent on advertising or promotion.

Building A Customer Centric Culture
The best organizations in the world deliver exceptional experiences to their customers, and they’re doing this by building organizational cultures that put the customer first. In addition, to boosting profits, this commitment to the customer drives quality of work life and the ability to attract and keep the best talent.





  • "Are you ready to take your creative ideas from ‘incremental’ to ‘disruptive’ or even ‘destructive’? Nick Webb just spoke to one of our teams and left the group inspired and eager to break our normal conventions. He’s right when he says Innovation is not a bumper sticker – you have to do something to make it come to life." Cal Austin Regional Director, Pfizer Innovation
  • “Nick Webb’s ability to visualize and articulate disruptive and continuous innovations that are likely to transform a traditionally slow to adapt pharma industry stirred the anxiety emotions within the executive audience during the Avoca Quality Consortium Annual Summit in May 2015 yet generated a high-energy and inspiring atmosphere for the opportunity to advance the development of medicine.” Steven Whittaker Executive Director, Avoca Quality Consortium
  • “The feedback that I received was very positive that you understood the directions of what is happening and will happen in the industry. People liked that you were forward thinking about changes but also brought it back to the customer experience.” Jessica Hess National Trainer, Managed Health Care
  • "Everything went really well! We heard great feedback from the audience. He did a great job of making it personal, also he sold out of his book (the new one) What Customer’s Crave, which was a pleasant surprise! Like I said very personable and easy to work with which is always a nice touch." Whitney Barham Event Manager, Foundations Recovery Network
  • “Thank you so much for coming to speak to us this morning! I got raving reviews, including from the global head of R&D and head of quality, who were all in the room. You have really given people something to think and talk about. I look forward to seeing you at many future events! Safe travels home!” David lee Baxalta
  • “After reading The Innovation Playbook, I couldn’t wait to start my own Project X and neither will you. Nick Webb boldly debunks common myths about innovation and he’s not afraid to use children, pumpkins, or massages to do it.” Susan Obermeier Association of Strategic Planners, 2013 Co-Chair Speakers Committee