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Tags: Business / Future of Work / Change Management / Artificial Intelligence / Employee Experience & Human Resources / Diversity & Inclusion / Emcees & Moderators / Team Building / International / Leadership / Motivational / Science / Technology


At the core of Scott’s speaking and executive events is his knowledge gleaned from working in over 200 organizations across the world delivering transformation and change programs for multiple sectors. However, his makers mark on the conference stage are his stories which go much deeper than business into the human condition. He is a published scientist (degenerative disease) poet (narrative) HR specialist (performance and technology) and writer (music, prose, and business) and has won awards for consulting, training, speaking, and for his contribution to Scottish music. One of his websites has been identified as being of cultural importance in his hometown of Glasgow (Scotland) and his co-authored book on Glasgow’s music scene has been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

When speaking Scott is able to mould a convincing narrative from these disciplines to inspire the conference audience and to provide them with unique tools and techniques that they can take back into their lives and workplaces and make a real difference to their lives.

Scott’s keynotes are particularly concerned with “Future Literacy” and specifically focus on the future of work and our relationship with disruptive technologies such as Biotechnology, AI, and Nanotechnology. His delivery style is visually impactful, carefully evidenced-based, and delivered with a hint of Billy Connolly-like humor his talks are never forgotten.


Anticipation – Creating Hope For The Future

This keynote would help organizations and individuals reframe and overcome several common challenges:

Fear of the future: Many people and organizations are plagued by fear and uncertainty about what lies ahead. This keynote would help reframe fear as an opportunity for growth and innovation, providing tools and strategies to navigate uncertainty with confidence.

Short-term thinking: In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to focus on short-term gains and lose sight of long-term vision and strategy. This keynote would encourage individuals and organizations to adopt an anticipatory mindset, helping them shift from reactive to proactive decision-making.

Knee-jerk reactions: Quick, impulsive reactions can often lead to suboptimal outcomes. This keynote would provide insights into the importance of thoughtful consideration and analysis, guiding individuals and organizations to make informed decisions and take purposeful actions.

Obsession with measurement: While measurement and metrics are essential, an excessive focus on immediate results can hinder long-term success. This keynote would encourage a balanced approach, helping individuals and organizations recognize the value of anticipation and foresight alongside measurable outcomes.

Lack of hope and motivation: When faced with challenges and uncertainties, individuals and organizations can lose hope and motivation. This keynote would inspire and ignite a sense of hope, showing how anticipation and future literacy can create a positive mindset and drive motivation for growth and success.

By reframing these challenges and providing practical strategies, the keynote would help individuals and organizations overcome fear, embrace long-term thinking, make informed decisions, find hope in the face of uncertainty, and regain a sense of purpose and motivation.

Key takeaways for people experiencing this keynote would include:

  • The transformative power of anticipation: Attendees will gain a deep understanding of how anticipation can be a game-changer in personal and organizational success. They will learn how to leverage the power of anticipation to navigate uncertainty, make better decisions, and unlock new opportunities.
  • Reframing fear and uncertainty: Participants will learn to reframe fear and uncertainty as catalysts for growth and innovation. They will gain insights into how anticipation can help them embrace the unknown with confidence and overcome the fear of the future.
  • Long-term thinking and strategic vision: The keynote will emphasize the importance of long-term thinking and strategic vision. Attendees will learn how to move beyond short-term gains and adopt an anticipatory mindset to align their actions with future goals and aspirations.
  • Practical strategies for future literacy: Practical strategies and tools will be shared to cultivate future literacy skills. Attendees will learn how to gather and analyze information, spot emerging trends, and adapt to changing circumstances, equipping them with the ability to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Inspiration and renewed hope: The keynote will inspire attendees and ignite a sense of hope for the future. Through captivating stories and examples, participants will be encouraged to embrace anticipation as a source of motivation and hope, empowering them to navigate challenges and create a better tomorrow.

Bringing Your Organization to its Senses

This is Scott’s signature keynote, which is the foundation for his other talks and client specific presentations. The key theme centers on why we should and how we can go about connecting our workplaces with science and humanities.

Delegates will learn how to:

  • apply the thinking skills of the sculptor to your personal and organizational development;
  • appreciate the nuances of personal and group communications;
  • think like a scientist and create like an artist;
  • use the idea of having “strong opinions weakly held” and how this can help overcome implicit bias and improve creativity and performance.

This keynote is great for the entire workforce, leaders, marketing, HR, and L&D groups.

Leading From The Inside Out

Much of what we do is done by habit i.e. we do things because we have done them previously. This keynote aims to disrupt these habits by providing tools and techniques (physical and cognitive) which reveal new levels of personal awareness, improve decision making and support habit change on an individual and organizational level.

Intended audience:

  • Individuals seeking career progression
  • Self-improvers interested in character development
  • People striving to form good habits
  • Anyone who want to implement new routines in their organizations

The Soft Stuff is the Hard Stuff: The Increasing Importance of Human Resources

How To Get Lucky in the Digital Era: Social Media & Networking

Leading in the Digital Age: Getting the Air Right

Your Relationship with the Future

Future literacy, anticipatory leadership, and pre-experience of the future.

UnrealHR (The Next Genereation of Enterprise)

The potential impact of the gaming industry and the metaverse on organizations.

When the Machine Stops

How the NEXT framework can set you and your organization up for hybrid success.

The Rise of the Corporate Apothecary

How drugs may help us focus and perform at work in the next ten years.

Natural Stupidity and Artificial Intelligence

AI as an impending disaster or a route to human happiness.

Scott relies on storytelling from business, art, and science to inspire his audience. This is delivered with humor and simple language and is supported by issues specific to the audience and with great pictures.

All of Scott’s talks provide the following takeaways:

  • a renewed passion for personal development;
  • improved personal awareness and curiosity;
  • disrupted habits and challenged beliefs.

Scott’s talks are available as 9-minute lightning talks, 45-minute keynotes, or as half-day seminars.




  • “Scott is a brilliant, creative, and fearless speaker, trainer, and consultant. He will challenge your assumptions and make you and your team think.” Paula Sussex CEO, Charity Commission
  • “When needing to get a difficult message across, trying to make an impact with a client, trying to impress a large group of people or simply providing sound advice on people matters Scott is a force rarely matched.” Andy Lees Partner, Deloitte
  • “Scott brings a huge amount of creativity and passion. He provides deep expert insight into employee engagement and communication. He is not afraid to challenge his senior clients to achieve superior results.” Ursula Morgenstern CEO, Atos, Germany
  • “Scott McArthur is an energetic and engaging speaker; his infectious positivity holds your attention, right to the last word. Scott extracts the best from your thinking; one minute calming us with meditation, the next provoking us with ideas that question and challenge. We were left with new insights into old thinking and with many compelling reasons to take positive action. His energy output was tremendous and would have if converted lit up Edinburgh.” Helen Murdoch CEO, Hanover Scotland
  • “As an MC and speaker, Scott is the conference organizers dreams. Not only is he a safe pair of hands when things go wrong, he is inspiring and selfless and his presence and support help everyone on the stage be the best they can be.” Elaine Stewart Mindtree, Head of Transport, Europe
  • “A great professional speaker entertains. A superlative professional speaker makes you want to change behaviours. Scott is a brilliant storyteller, but so are many. But how many coaches or speakers could make you want to change the way you think? Pure gold dust - and infinitely versatile thanks to a stunning back catalogue of top notch business and academic experience.” Simon Scott-Kemball Business & Social Communications Manager, Eurocontrol
  • “I saw Scott speak at the CIPD ACE conferences in Manchester. His style of presentation (both verbal and visual) was captivating, funny, and highly memorable. He is frank and has a knack for addressing things that many others may skirt around in a way that is clear, concise, and engaging. Quite possibly the best talk of the event.” Alice Rowan HR Lead
  • “We asked Scott to speak at our conference. He was easy to work with and curious about our objectives before the event. At the event he provided a mix of challenging ideas and practical tips supported by beautifully crafted visuals all delivered in a highly engaging and humorous speaking style. Our team is still buzzing. Scott is a terrific speaker - highly recommend.” Alisanne Ennis Accenture Delivery Lead - Programme Director, GSK
  • “We asked Scott to put together a piece for our national business conference. The focus was on personal empowerment and team responsibility ... Scott was absolutely magnificent. Our team loved his presentation and were left looking for more even after almost two hours. The presentation was perfectly tailored for our needs, empathetic to our team profile and beautifully crafted. Bravo Scott .” Michael Watson Vice President and MD, Valspar
  • “Scott brings a huge amount of creativity and passion to his speaking and executive events. He provides deep expert insight into future literacy, employee engagement and communication. He is not afraid to challenge his senior clients to achieve superior results.” Ursula Morgenstern CEO, Atos

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