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Tags: Professional Growth / Business / College & University / Communication / Employee Experience & Human Resources / Management / Productivity / Entrepreneurship / Team Building / International / Leadership / Motivational


Akua Nyame-Mensah, Founder and Chief Coaching Officer of ANM & Company, exists to build better leaders. Her life’s work is dedicated to supporting leaders at all levels.

As an executive coach, speaker, facilitator, and podcast host of Open Door Conversations, she believes that business growth comes from personal growth.

She launched an online real estate marketplace platform and brand at 25 for the first African-based technology unicorn Jumia Group. At Jumia Group, she built teams from scratch, and her teams turned real estate agents into agencies. Akua helps ambitious clients around the world by creating a safe space for them to learn, reflect, and grow into high-achieving world-class leaders. When facilitating sessions with groups, Akua creates a safe space for them to engage and align on organizational goals.

In her work, Akua loves combining ‘traditional’ coaching approaches with leadership psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence research, and spiritual modalities. She is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate certified executive and leadership coach, Certified MBTI Practitioner, Top 100 #IamRemarkable Facilitator, and speaks about leadership, productivity, and wellness. She has lived and worked in the U.S., Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa and has consulted in and visited over 30 countries worldwide.

Akua is a regular mentor and judge for various entrepreneurship-focused organizations, incubators, and competitions including the Founder Institute, Seedstars, African Business Heroes, FemGems, and The Coaching Fellowship.

Akua has a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania and an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Growth and Structure of Cities from Bryn Mawr College. In 2019 she also completed a leadership-focused MBA at African Leadership University School of Business.


True Productivity Is Not Just About Doing More

Time is the most precious asset anyone has. Whether you are an employee or part of a senior leadership team, deciding what to do with your time can be a daunting task. Beyond deciding what to do with our time, we are constantly being distracted.

In this workshop, Akua breaks down the relationship between productivity, resilience, and mindfulness. Participants are encouraged to reflect, brainstorm, and prioritize initiatives. She also challenges participants to assign tasks and build internal and external accountability measures to increase productivity.

Participants will leave with a new perspective on how to approach prioritization and the strategies to create more time in their professional and personal life.

A perfect workshop for University Students, Intern Programs, Leadership Teams, Incubators, and anyone struggling with time management or focus.

Go From Surviving To Thriving With Self-Leadership

Being a leader can be lonely. Being a young leader can be not only lonely but very confusing. Akua was given the opportunity to launch an online business at the age of 25. Leveraging her experience as a fast-growing startup leader, Akua encourages clients to cultivate habits that will enable them to be more resilient starting with leading themselves.

In this interactive workshop, Akua shares her 3 steps to lead your own life – setting your course, following it, and correcting as you go. Audience members will walk away with practical & actionable tips that you can implement right after leaving the session.

A perfect workshop for middle school to university students, intern programs, incubators, motivational conferences, leadership teams and anyone going through a transition in life.

How To Engage Your Team & Build Culture To Win

Having built a team and brand from the ground up, Akua has experience recruiting and managing individuals toward a common goal. Focusing on developing a shared language and building trust and safety, Akua challenges clients to improve connections and awareness in this workshop. Akua also shares antidotes and examples from her own leadership experience having built and run teams across two countries.

Here’s what the audience will learn from this workshop:

  • How to cultivate their self-awareness
  • How to simplify engagement with their key stakeholders
  • How to set better expectations for themselves and others

Understanding your preferences, building on opportunities for growth, and communicating our strengths are key to being successful. Participants will walk away from this session with actionable steps and strategies they can implement right away. Bonus: The workshop can include a personality assessment to increase the participants’ ability to reflect and connect with each other.

A perfect workshop for Human Resources, Incubators, Leadership Teams as well as those in management roles.

How To Increase Impact & Influence

Communication is crucial in every aspect of our lives. Whether we are engaging with potential investors, superiors, or reprimanding a member of our team, it determines how we interact with others and how we feel about ourselves. Akua shares her personal story about how she overcame her reluctance to speak publicly and outlines how the audience can leverage their innate preferences to appropriately assert themselves so they can influence and inspire a group of people toward achieving a common goal.

Participants will walk away from this session with strategies and activities that can be implemented immediately and a knowledge base of what to keep in mind moving forward.

A perfect workshop for University Students, Conferences, Incubators, and Leadership Teams.




  • “Akua is a wonderful facilitator who brings energy and enthusiasm into her conversations. When we hosted an alumni of color event with Akua, it felt like she was sitting in the room with us. I could see folks engaging, taking notes, and getting excited to apply her coaching prompts immediately. As a program creator for alumni events, I appreciate that she delivered on what was advertised. Additionally, Akua spoke to a diverse age group with varied professional careers. I was impressed, and received similar feedback from those in attendance, that she found a way to connect with everyone.” Gabrielle Gary Associate Director of Affinity Programming, Bryn Mawr College
  • “As part of my MBA programme, I was introduced to #IamRemarkable and to Akua! That 90-minute session was the most incredible experience for me. Finding opportunities daily to acknowledge and celebrate my successes and achievements has been one of the most pivotal lessons I have taken from that event. I was determined to bring this experience to my team and colleagues at work, and again we had a memorable experience. We want to embed a culture that is constantly supportive, challenging and growing us individually and collectively, especially after the craziness that 2020 brought to our lives. Akua and this session does this. This is the one workshop you need for your team! Akua is the person you need to make it happen!! It is all the more incredible when you have it with your leadership teams.” Diana Gombe Head of People & Culture, WWF International
  • “Thanks again for supporting FI Accra. Your presentation was absolutely one of the best thus far, and we’ve truly had some excellent ones over the couple of months the cohort has been underway. Moving online set the cat amongst the pigeons, and often requires a different style of presentation skills to ensure engagement and alertness of the audience. I think in your case, you are naturally engaging, but regardless it was great to see how the Founders responded to your slides, to your questions, and your general interactiveness. It was a great lesson for them in general, but particularly given some were picked up during their Hotseats for being dull/unenthusiastic. The content was very good too, and as you were so open and frank in balancing theory and practise with personal experiences you found the absolute sweet spot.” Simon R Turner Director, Founder Institute Accra
  • “It has been such a pleasure working with Akua, she has been a vital part of multiple informative events which tackled pressing issues in the payments, fintech and banking sector. Her willingness to engage with other conference attendees and speakers, have honest conversations, and pledge to work together with other players to provide effective payment solutions will have a lasting effect on the industry. Akua’s positive attitude, professionalism, and enthusiasm has made our time together productive and fun.” Molly Newman Conference Director, Terrapinn Ltd
  • “Akua is a great facilitator and brings a real presence to the room. From the moment she takes command of the space, she holds the space - enabling you to connect quickly and deeply with the topic at hand. Her energy coupled with her deliberate approach brings you to a point to unlock your learning with ease. As a coach, she is focused on walking the path with you, stimulates quickly new ways of looking at challenges and opportunities, and helps you map the path forward that will bring the impact that you are looking for.“ Genevieve James Corporate DNA Consulting
  • “As a result of attending Akua’s session on 'Leaders as Transformational Coaches' before I speak, I now first internally remind myself that the listener is not me and will not always know what I want or need. If you are thinking of bringing Akua in for your leadership session, you should hurry while there is still space on her calendar. She is geared to exceed your expectations.” Blessing Stephen-Dada Business Partner - Capability Development, International Breweries Plc (ABInBev Nigeria)
  • “I have known Akua both as a coach and lecturer during her time as an MBA student. But most recently I brought her on board my firm as a colleague. Akua stood out in her MBA program as incredibly diligent, organized, and excellent. I remember when the seeds of becoming an executive coach started to percolate and I was so impressed with the clarity and purpose she has demonstrated in becoming such an outspoken leader in the field. When I began expanding my coaching practice and needed outstanding professionals with a powerful blend of real-world business leadership experience plus the emotional intelligence to guide senior leaders through change management, Akua was at the top of my list. Akua is efficient, communicative, and proactive in her part-time role with us and that is a great asset to our team and our work with clients. Maybe the best compliment we can give is that we simply would love her to do more work with us -- I'm sure you will feel the same.” Segun Olagunju Partner, Fearless Guides
  • “From Akua’s session, I will start reflecting on my beliefs about the areas I’m procrastinating on and setting clear goals on what to do first. I will stop doubting myself, thinking I have to do more research before I start. After the session, I felt happy and empowered and would recommend to anyone thinking of working with Akua to go for it!” Likeleli Monyamane Director, Inspire Innovation Business Consultants
  • “I had no concerns asking Akua to host a session for the Wine & Whine community. Akua delivered the session with a lot of patience and guidance. She was very insightful and knowledgeable. The session was perfect for my community and I would recommend that you attend one of her sessions if you have a chance.” Damilola Odufuwa Co-Founder, Wine & Whine
  • “I am very comfortable with Akua’s style, knowledge, and delivery. We work as a wonderful team together when delivering workshops. I would describe Akua as an engaging, knowledgeable and open presenter and speaker.” Charles Ojei CEO, HYBR Group