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Tags: Business / Future of Work / Change Management / College & University / Environment & Sustainability / Management / Emcees & Moderators / Productivity / Entrepreneurship / Startup / Team Building / Innovation / Leadership / Motivational / Politics & Policy / Technology


Joseph Kopser is a lifelong problem solver committed to building the teams needed to take on our toughest challenges. Specifically, he is a public speaker and consultant hired by companies focusing on building teams and leading change within organizations.  He engages audiences with his wide range of experience in sectors such as entrepreneurship, transportation, smart cities, urban mobility, energy, and national security issues (from his service as an Army combat veteran). Formerly, he served as an Executive-in-Residence at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas. In addition, he is President of Grayline where he works with people and companies both in board rooms and on stage speaking at conferences to help companies and public institutions manage disruptive change.

Prior to co-founding Grayline, Joseph co-founded and served as CEO of RideScout, before it was acquired by Mercedes-Benz in 2014.

Joseph served in the U.S. Army for 20 years earning the Combat Action Badge, Army Ranger Tab and Bronze Star. He is a graduate of West Point with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and also received a Masters from the Harvard Kennedy School. He was recognized as a White House Champion of Change for his efforts in Energy and Transportation. In addition, his company, RideScout, won the U.S. Department of Transportation Data Innovation Award.

In 2018, Joseph ran for Congress in a race that attracted more voters than any of the 36 districts in Texas. Losing by less than 3 points in a heavily gerrymandered district, Joseph demonstrated that voters want civility and problem solvers in Congress. In his free time, he works with The Bunker, an organization dedicated to supporting veteran entrepreneurs.

Along with Grayline CEO, Bret Boyd, he co-authored the book, Catalyst, which serves as the foundation of his public speaking. Joseph is the inaugural Chairman of the Board of Advisors for the CleanTX Foundation, an economic development and professional association for cleantech. Joseph and his wife live in Austin and they are extremely proud of their three adult daughters.


Leadership and Strategy in a Changing World

This program is perfect for:

  • Organizations of all sizes
  • Leaders at all levels from entry to C-Suite
  • All ages from youth leadership to senior executives
  • Companies concerned about leadership in the Coronavirus pandemic of COVID-19

Key Audience Takeaways: Based on his book, catalyst, Joseph will walk the audience through how change works, why disruption is happening more quickly, how to adapt, and what leadership it necessitates. He also identifies several emerging catalysts that are altering market and geopolitical realities today and demonstrates how corporate, government, and academic sectors can thrive amid these transformations.

Format: 45-60 Minute Presentation with Q&A

In Leadership, People Will Be What They Can See

People Will Be What They Can See. Joseph’s presentation will lay out the common themes associated with leading people regardless of sector. Joseph has used the same principles in combat in the Army, as an entrepreneur building a tech company, working for Mercedes in the corporate world after they bought my company, and running for Congress with a bi-partisan message in a bitterly gerrymandered district.

This program is perfect for:

  • ​Teams of all sizes in business, entrepreneurship, energy, etc.
  • Mid-level management seeking to inspire team members
  • C-Level executives that want to increase their leadership and mentorship performance

Key Audience Takeaways: A greater understanding of their personal responsibility to inspire peak performance.

Format: 45-60 Minute Presentation with Q&A

Mentorship: Not Everybody Gets It, But They Should

Joseph’s presentation comes from over 25 years of work in leadership and academics in the area of Mentorship in society. Through inspirational stories and anecdotes, Joseph lays out the mechanics of what is actually involved. It is based on the paper Joseph wrote for his master’s thesis at Harvard that was later published by one of the premier Army leadership magazines.
This program is perfect for:
  • ​Mid-level supervisors needed more leadership tools
  • C-Level Audiences that seek to retain more employees
  • Young people and entry-level team members who are seeking career planning

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • ​A knowledge of why mentorship is important
  • An understanding of how it’s different than coaching/teaching
  • The mechanics of how to establish an effective mentor relationship.

Format: 45-60 Minute Presentation with Q&A

How the Military taught me when to Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

This program is perfect for:

  • Organizations of all sizes
  • Leaders at all levels from entry to C-Suite
  • All ages from youth leadership to senior executives
  • Companies concerned about leadership in the Coronavirus pandemic of COVID-19

Key Audience Takeaways: Based on his book, catalyst, Joseph will walk the audience through how change works, why disruption is happening more quickly, how to adapt, and what leadership it necessitates. He also identifies several emerging catalysts that are altering market and geopolitical realities today and demonstrate how corporate, government, and academic sectors can thrive amid these transformations

Format: 45-60 Minute Presentation with Q&A




  • Joseph is always entertaining and knowledgeable. I have seen him speak dozens of times and audiences love him. His range of expertise — energy, transportation, security, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship policy, and public service—is astonishing. He is my go-to guy when I am organizing a public event and I need a keynote speaker to share insights in an engaging way. M.W. Chief Science and Technology Officer,, ENGIE
  • We recently hosted large transportation technology summit as a part of CES in Las Vegas using Joseph as our facilitator and lunchtime speaker. I am still receiving comments from attendees about how AMAZING he was. The amount of research and effort he put into learning about our community, our industry, and our speakers' bios was unlike anything I have experienced. I was nervous about the event because it was our first of such magnitude, but within 10 minutes of him starting the program, my heart was bursting with pride. I knew right away it was going to be a successful day due wholly to his energy, competence, and communication skills. T.Q. CEO, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
  • I've had the honor to work with over 400 of some of the most amazing entrepreneurs, NY times best selling authors, and thought leaders from around the world. Joseph stands out among the top of all public speakers I have encountered! His passion and honesty comes through in his words, and those in the audience can just tell he has a huge heart. And at each of the multiple events I have invited him to speak, he is the same person backstage as he is on stage. Even better than his military career, his entrepreneurial successes, it's clear in his presentations that he is a passionate dad and husband, I think he would connect with all audiences. I can't wait to invite him to speak again. P.R. Founder, American Dream U
  • I worked very closely with Joseph Kopser when he served as Chair of the Department of Military Science in the ROTC program at the University of Texas at Austin. Joseph was extraordinarily effective in inspiring the Army cadets to be leaders and to achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives and careers. I was especially moved by his successful efforts to instill in the cadets an appreciation for a strong liberal arts education. R.D. Dean, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin
  • Joseph was recently a panelist at our University's Don Edward Lecture Series. We only bring in top notch and nationally known speakers for this venue; speakers who have the experience and knowledge to make a contribution to not only our students, but the community in which our University resides. Joseph performed beyond expectations. He deftly spoke to the audience about veterans issues and synchronized his comments with those of the preceding panelists without a break in the theme of the program. I know his speech was well received because after the event, students and veterans from the community approached him to thank him for delivering such a heartfelt and motivating talk and to ask more questions and continue to engage him more. As an educator hosting an education lecture series, I couldn't have had a better outcome. L.L. Professor of Public Administration and Faculty Fellow, San Jose State University
  • I have collaborated closely with Joseph for many years in the area of sustainable mobility in my role at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a pioneer and leader in many areas. I have had the great pleasure to be on several conference panels with him over the years and have greatly enjoyed our interactions on stage and off. He is passionate about making a positive contribution to society, and this is evident when he speaks to a group. He is a talented connector and communicator. S.S. Co-director, Transportation Sustainability Research Center, UC Berkley
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Joseph Kopser for nearly 10 years. I've also had the opportunity to see him speak in person repeatedly. Joseph is a crowd-pleaser, delivering content that is on point, and in a dynamic way that will leave your audience wanting more. J.Y. President, Sabot Development, Ltd
  • I have known Joseph for going on ten years and have heard him speak many times. As a keynote speaker, as part of a panel at a conference, as a moderator of said panels, and as an emcee at some very large events. In fact, Joseph moderated a panel of former Austin Technology Incubator graduate companies just a few weeks ago at our 400 person ATI 30th Anniversary event and was outstanding. Joseph brings high energy and thoughtfulness to any conversation he's a part of, especially on stage. And the key to any speaking engagement is holding the audience’s attention of which Joseph is a master. M.J. Executive Director, Austin Technology Incubator, University of Texas
  • Joseph is one of the most compelling speakers we've ever had present at the Austin Forum on Technology & Society in our 13 year history. His ability to convey the societal importance of technologies to audiences with a huge range of technical backgrounds—from novice to expert—and have everyone come away feeling both informed and inspired is remarkable and rare. J.B.P. Executive Director, Austin Forum on Technology and Society
  • Joseph Kopser was an integral part of the early years of the Longhorn Startup Program at the University of Texas at Austin. This is a highly regarded engineering/computer science course where I was one of the three instructors for several years. In his formative days at RideScout he shared space with our student startups and was a valuable role model and mentor. We ended each semester with a heavily attended Demo Day in the LBJ Library to honor our students and supporters. In one of these which I emcee'd, we asked Joseph to warm up the crowd and talk about his progress in business and life. He was spectacular in doing so, and he set the tone for quite a celebratory evening. I personally would welcome the chance to hear him speak at any time. He brings boundless enthusiasm to his important words of wisdom. B.D. Entrepreneur in Residence, Morris, Manning & Martin, Llp
  • Joseph has held key moderator and speaking roles at a number of our past events, providing high-energy and informed delivery of business, technology and policy topics. His combined entrepreneurial and military background provide an ideal foundation to manage most any program with passion and intelligence. Engaging Joseph into your program will strengthen your story and motivate your community. Highly recommended! M.L. Ceo and Co-founder, Techconnect Innovation
  • Joseph Kopser is an accomplished motivational speaker who fully engages the audience in a dynamic dialogue of exciting concepts. Joseph's presentation will not soon be forgotten but folded into the lives of his listeners. D.K. Founder/CEO/Headmaster, Sarasota Military Academy
  • Joseph is one of the best public speakers you will ever experience. His energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration fills the entire room, big or small. You will leave that room feeling ready to take on the world. He can speak at a very high level about important trends in business, politics, and beyond, but he will also speak with great detail and nuance about your group or company. C.C. General Partner, Moonshots Capital